Thursday, May 19, 2011

In the Interim

foam-plate-loonpolystyrene foam plate
My life has become hugely unpredictable and rather busy lately. The former is more disturbing than the latter. I like having ‘my ducks all in a row’ so to speak. Mess up the little rituals and routines of the day, and I get rather lost. I’ve tried to keep up with my art, but it’s not just a matter of lost hours, but so many uncomfortable things to think about of late. At any rate, my in-laws are now playing the waiting game, the least desired ‘coming of age’ ritual that only the luckiest (if you consider maximum number of years spent on this planet desirable) will get to. They are both on lists for what in Ontario is called long-term care (aka nursing home) as of last Friday.  Until they get their placements, everyone involved, especially them, and my husband and I are in what I will henceforth refer to as the Pickle.
It is said Pickle that caused me to have to discard a perfectly wonderfully aged and pitted gelatin plate. I’d barely had the opportunity to work with it, and neglected in the fridge, it was weeping (literally) away. Gelatin, apparently, needs care and attention too. It also smells when it doesn’t get washed on a regular basis. So after sending it to the Great Municipal Compost Heap I declared it the Last Gelatine Plate until said Pickle is resolved or I can otherwise schedule a series of uninterrupted days with it.
In the interim, I will continue to do what I call ‘dry work’, when I have the time, and more importantly, the inclination. The inclination is what is fading fastest, as there is not much good on my mind. So drawing the plates and carving linoleum are still on the table. Multilayered, mixed method, gelatin plate monoprints are off. So I thought, what the heck, for a while (we are talking months here) I’ll have to make do with WIP’s, ATC’s, and photo’s.
Hopefully, next time I cook up a gelatin plate, I will have heaps of relief plates and carves stacked in neat categories, ready to press, and layer and orchestrate into something wonderful.
softoleum carvings
PS. I may delete Pickle details in a few days, as this contains a few more personal details than my online blogging comfort  zone, but I thought it was time for an update. The short of it is, the Pickle is the same situation I was thrown into in January, the only change is that finally, it is kind of, sort of, limited in time with a possible kind of, sort of happy ending possible. 


Chrissy said...

I confess to not doing any art for ages. My heart is not in it right now...but I will get there at some point. It is hard to concentrate when your mind is on issues that are pretty much more important. I confess that I am thinking of doing some cardmaking again to keep up just a little creativity, little things! I hope you find the way for a little something that fits in. I understand that loss of order. Hugs to you XX

Michelle Basic Hendry said...

Well, though the reasons are different for each of us, it seems the making of art is struggling to keep up with the craziness of life. The loss of order is terribly unsettling to me as well. I hope resolution comes soon... :)

Jennifer Rose said...

ugh, not a nice smell, rancid gelatin :/

i understand why you would want to delete the pickle details, but it is a part of you so writing about it does help said...

Hope all is well.

Now I am confused, I thought I commented here, lol, oh well, may be it was late at night.


Missy Ricco said...

Hello dear :)
After 9 long months of not doing anything artistic I can relate to how life can get in the way. It is a shame when it does but a force none the less, one to knock the paint or pencil right out of your hand.

I hope you have been well!


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