Thursday, May 12, 2011

Small World

Squirrel corn, dicentra canadensis
asurum canadense/wild ginger
Blue Cohosh,Caulophyllum thaictroides
Scarlet cup/sacosypha coclinea
These are all from my walks in Hollidge Tract, York Regional Forest. There is a lot to see if you look down.  The last photo is a montage, with a close up of the the little tiny scarlet cup that you can see in the background (look to the top right of the close-up).
The blue cohosh fascinates me in spring. In just a few days it will look like any other plant, but it comes up matt black/blue and alien looking.  I love it at this stage.
The wild ginger is another tiny treasure. The blossom is as big as my thumb.
And the squirrel corn is a delicate springtime favourite with an unfortunately bland name. Dicentra canadensis sounds much more suitable in this case.
Digital cameras with auto-focus and optical zooms are also a wonderful thing. All it takes to get these shots are a good eye and dirty knees.
And maybe, to make the tie with the last post, Enjoy your moments, I should add that all these photo's are taken, rather hastily, during my exercise walk. I use walking (and sometimes cycling) as it is good for both mind and body. I can't imagine why anyone would churn away on a treadmill like a hamster on a wheel.


Michelle Basic Hendry said...

I am so with you... I rather be out in a storm in -27 degrees than do the hamster wheel...

I love these pics. I love the forest....

kaslkaos said... you have me hankering for a good winter blow, and a fast slide down a long hill.

Jennifer Rose said...

i used a treadmill when i had a tv, kill 2 birds with one stone. watch a show i wanted and try to get fit lol

i would never had seen that little bit of red walking around, very neat little find :)

Quiltbug said...

We used to have wild ginger growing in a little wooded area near us. I looked last week but there's not a sign of leaves this year. How sad.

Chrissy said...

Cool shots and Iam smiling after scrubbing around on the floor today. Ingrid thank you for your post(proper stuff)...and thank you for being you. As for anything like treadmills...nooooooooooo

dbltall said...

What you call squirrel corn is I think the same flower I call "bleeding heart" - they are more often red down here, but the shape and leaves are the same, and they are in bloom now.

Shammickite said...

I'm babysitting YougerSon's dog this weekend, so I think we might take astroll through the Holledge Tract. We were walking through Eldred King Woodlands last week.... isn't Spring wonderful?


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