Friday, June 17, 2011

My New Thing


Because you’ve been asking (thank you for thinking of me!) a quick up date. “In the Interim” is still valid. My in-laws are now in Long-Term Care, but life is still messy for them and for me.  In the last five months there have been so many ups and downs and changes, concerns, worries, hopes, fears that it feels like my entire sense of self has been plopped into a blender and turned into a milk-shake.  I hardly know what to think or how I feel on any given day, and hence have no clue what to say where or when.

In the meantime, I gave myself a VERY large treat. I bought myself an Android 7” tablet computer. Whoo Hoo, and VERY welcome MUCH NEEDED distraction. And I still have no clue what to call it. Referring to it as Tablet is way to medicinal, and I’ve truly had it with any all medical terminology. So I’ve taken to calling it Thing; which can sound really wrong in many contexts, as “I’m fiddling with my Thing”, “I’m getting to know my Thing”, “I’m using my Thing”. So if you have any ideas for a more appropriate, or fun, two-syllable name to reference this device in general conversation, please say so.

So once again, once the sediments have settled in the glass, maybe I’ll have a real update. Right now, um, I dunno. But if you see a hit on your blog from Rogers Markham, or Stouffville it’s probably me just lurking.


This is Rambo, the in-laws cat, now in our care. He is 20lbs, and a whole lotta cat to love. Surprisingly, he’s being a real sweetheart, as he truly lived up to his name at the in-laws house. And yes, he is now on a vet approved diet.  A pound a month would be ideal.

Top pic is an iris in the garden.  At least some things take care of themselves, although you can see by the peeling paint, the house doesn’t.

Now, if you can give my Thing a name….

And, once I get my head together again, I will be back.


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