Sunday, July 17, 2011

Friends and Neighbours

It’s been awhile. My muse, sociability, and a bunch of other things went into hiding for awhile. Just to get my feet wet again, I thought I’d start with a straight up monochrome linocut, ACEO sized.  Life still isn’t predictable enough for me to want cook up a gelatin plate.  I’ve seen a few too many in the past six months go rancid before I could make sufficient use of them, and in the current heat wave, a new one wouldn’t last the week, regardless of refrigeration, so I confined myself to more traditional means.
Still, I miss the soft transparencies that one can effect with the gelatin, and I was all out of cream Stonehenge paper, so I had to really scratch my brain out to find something suitable for my cute cats. I found any kind of relief printing to be too harsh a background, and finally tried, and succeed with frottage (fancy French term for rubbing, not always in reference to artistic pursuits). This is a technique most of us tried in Kindergarten the first time around, and I revisited it once in my 1st year of art college.  In this case, I only wanted to highlight the linocut image, so using an ochre coloured Prismacolor stick (like the pencil crayon, without the wood) I rubbed up a wood grained background onto mulberry paper.
Simple and direct, and just right for the purpose. I wanted an image I could use to gift my neighbours. Upon hearing the news (see last post) my neighbours to the south handed up (literally, my husband and were on our balcony) a very large bowl of hand picked, warm from the field strawberries, which we gorged on in lieu of a decent dinner. Our neighbours to the north delivered a still warm from the oven home baked rhubarb pie.  These were comforting gifts on a number of different levels.  I still haven’t gotten around to thanking them, but hopefully, once I get the kitties framed up, I will do so.
So it’s a start. Next week, I’ll probably do some more kitties in lino, getting back to the art in easy steps. I have also been invited back to the York Regional Forest, Nature’s Creations show in September, which gives a goal for moving forward which is distant enough not to intimidate.
Well, enough for now,
and P.S. my 7” internet tablet has been named Purcey, as in Purse –Sized Computer.  As soon as I get myself a mini-keyboard, I will be able to compose my words anywhere and everywhere, as opposed to being tethered to my regular computer.


Chrissy said...

Lovely gestures :) Sometimes, it is the little things without words that mean the most.
Nice to see you have completed a little something and what a lovely little something it is :) It is good to see you back.... I was about to email.
As for the rest ~ Big hugs to you both.
I think it is good to have a few projects and the least you have some time to decide and if you still feel anti - social, there is always next year :)

Quiltbug said...

Welcome back. You have been missed. I am glad to see the art muse in you inspired. Your neighbours will appreciate your gifts.

kaslkaos said...

Hi there, this is almost real-time, eh?
Thanks Chrissy, it is good to have YOU back too. Thanks for 'hugs'.
Thank you Quiltbug. Are you indoors reading blogs because it's too hot outside? Great to hear from you.

Jennifer Rose said...

i was sorry to read about your father-in-law :( and to read the rest :(

you have really nice neighbours :D yes bringing food to people is usually what people do, but its really not that heard of now. and i thought you were talking about using cheese in art for a moment there :p

Cyd said...

I love the cats. And now I've learned a new and fancy term for a simple and fun technique. I'm so glad to see you creating again. :-)

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Jennifer. Food is very welcome. In a crisis MrNoodles becomes a diet staple.
And I think that's Frommage you were think at, art with cheese, eh?
Cyd, just be careful where and when you use the term Frottage. Outside of art circles, it means something quite different. Keeping in mind it means 'rubbing/to rub' in French, well, I think I need say no more ;-)

Jennifer Rose said...

lol yeah thats what i was thinking of lol :D well someone here did sculpt a life size head out of fryer grease, cheese would work too i guess lol :)

Jenny B. said...

Beautiful! I love the cats! In my opinion, whatever inspires you is essentially worth pursuing, whether it be these fuzzy domestic animals or something else, something having to do with grief and family relationships. Whatever it takes... inspiration is what we need.

Michelle Basic Hendry said...

Adding some more hugs... I have been in the middle of a big move and therfore have been out of the loop, so I was so sorry to have seen the news...

Enjoy whatever creativity comes for it is a kind of balance, isn't it?


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