Friday, September 23, 2011

Gelatin Leaf Prints

It’s a short art week, given that I was away up North for the long-weekend recharging mental batteries, but I’ve been busy with the gelatin plates. I’m really trying to get some under $50 items ready for September’s show, and these should fit the bill.
I’m loving working with the combination of pure abstraction in form and colour with imprints from natural objects. Not sure if I should confess the curving thin double line is an impression made from dental floss. Oh well, I just did.  The black ‘leaf’ as the top note is straight up linocut relief, everything else is pulled from the gelatin plate.

Show: Sept 24th, 2011, 10am to 2pm, Hollidge Tract, York Regional Forest

And below, a WIP. A 2"x3" carve, printed with stamping ink. These will be for the under $10 pile. I made them smaller than previous atc's (by 1/2 inch on both size) so the will be easily framed in a standard mini photo frame.


Quiltbug said...

Is this the same show you were at last year in the forest? If so, what is the date?

kaslkaos said...

Thanks for asking! I'm planning on doing the 'official' show announcement later, but it's Sat. Sept.24, same show, Hollidge tract.
And I edited the info into this blog post, Thanks!

Quiltbug said...

Thanks. I'll be there for sure. Maybe something will call my name again.

Jennifer Rose said...

I really really like those prints :D the shapes are wonderful!

hopefully not used dental floss o.0

Chrissy said...

I love these too :) and I think I have just viewed some others by you in FB from Google+ which I won't mention because you haven't posted them yet. But, I love the theme you have going :-)

Laurel said...

I love the look of the black lino cuts against the softer abstract gelatin prints! ...and dental floss...I've used Q-tips for printing, but never dental floss. I'll have to try it= )

kaslkaos said...

Jennifer: nope, not used, but I would use used, after all, I don't eat the plate. But it's actually really thin shred between your teeth floss that I was going to throw out. The shredded ends are neat too.
Thanks Chrissy: my WIP folder is kinda a preview, some will never make it too the blog, some will, and I suspect the one's your think about will, so 'thanks'!
Laurel, I've never used q-tips, so we both can live and learn. Do you have a link to print you did with q-tips?

Michelle Basic Hendry said...



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