Thursday, September 29, 2011

Life Drawing Tuesdays

Here’s a new linocut. Actually, it’s a digitally coloured scan of a proof. GIMP is fun, digital effects can let you try on different things. In the real world, it is a ACEO sized softoleum carve, ink-pad stamped on scrap paper. I have yet to do a proper printer’s ink roll and print.  This digital version is growing on me. Hmmm… I thought it would go well with the life drawing theme, and so previewed it here.  I would love to scale this version up to t-shirt size but it seems that nowadays people get into complete conniptions about any kind of nudity out of sexual context. IE. to me, this looks sensual, but perfectly decent for all eyes, but times have changed, and heck, maybe the fig leaves have been tacked back on to all the Michelangelo's too.
It’s that time of the year again. Once again, Life Drawing with the Latcham Gallery keeps me up way past my bedtime on Tuesday nights. The season begins with the infamous Greg, who ‘mostly’ behaved himself, and as usual did a superb job of modelling. He does really takes the job seriously, and is always concerned about originality and creativity.
We were all a bit rusty from the summer slump, and so opted for a lot of short poses. This one was twenty minutes.  Once I got this one down, I felt a huge sense of relief. If I can get one good drawing from the night, I’m quite happy, and my warm up sketches were pretty stiff.  This pose didn’t really catch my eye, but as soon as I started, the pencils seemed to find all the curves, and it was pure joy after, phew!  The remainder of the night was less than stellar, but that’s okay—I got my one good pic.
For those of you who like extreme close ups of pencil grain, I uploaded it onto FineArtAmerica too. Am I the only one who gets mesmerized by that sort of thing?


Laurel said...

Great drawing! Lots of energy, I can imagine, the "infamous" Greg: )

Jennifer Rose said...

i think its so odd that society has no problem with young kids walking around in heels and padded bras at age 8 but something like your drawing offends people :/ its daft and its a very nice image :)

I'm the same, if i get one good drawing a day done at college, I figure the rest are just a bonus if they turn out, if not, its ok, i have one good drawing to show for the day

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Laurel. Yes, infamous...
Jennifer, ...I could be just paranoid, but I get the feeling that nude art went from 'ho hum' and fine for public view (all ages) to slightly risque, while availability of porn went through the roof.

Jennifer Rose said...

its not being paranoid, its true :/

Quiltbug said...

Great sketch of Greg. The naked body is such an interesting subject - especially when it is behaving. LOL

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Quiltbug. About the rest, I guess it might depend on who is doing the misbehaving?


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