Saturday, September 24, 2011

Nature’s Creations, Art Show in the Forest

Saturday September 24th, from 10am to 2pm, Hollidge Tract, York Regional Forest, HWY 48 and Cherry Street.
There will be artists and artisans, from beekeepers (with live bees!) to painters to printmakers (that would be me). I will be doing a printmaking demo this year, from design to printing, I’ll have my linoleum, carving tools, pencils, brayer, ink and paper along so that I can show you how it’s done. Sometimes I feel printmaking is a lost art, as most people confuse printmaking with pushing a button and making a copy of something. It doesn’t help that giclee reproductions are marketed as ‘fine art prints’, leaving no way to distinguish with words alone the difference between an ink-jet printed reproduction and a hand-pressed original work of art.  So I thought it best put my apron on, get my hands dirty, and show you what it’s all about. I will carve, squeeze, roll, press and do my print-making thing right up in front of everybody.  For the in between times, I will have Edwin the guitalele in hand, and pluck some tunes to pass the time.
For letterboxers, there are a few of mine to be found very nearby---shhhhh…it’s a secret.
For horse lovers, there will be free horse-drawn wagon rides through the woods all day long.
For shoppers, you can peruse anything from fine art to hand-printed t-shirts, pickles to honey, garden sculpture to horticulture. If you are in the mood to buy, there will be art and wares starting in the under $20 gift category and up for yourself and those you love.
For everybody, what a wonderful opportunity to view art in a natural setting while enjoying a fine September afternoon in a gorgeous woodland setting, including guided nature hikes during the day.
PS. My watercolour landscapes and mixed-media forest art will also be available for show and sale.


Jennifer Rose said...

I wish I could go :) it looks like such a great show :)

don't cut yourself again! won't be able to play :/

Chrissy said...

Have a great time. I am with Jen, I wish I could be there too :D

Jenny B. said...

I am going to join the chorus here: I wish I could be there! But from North Carolina it's a bit of a haul... It would be fascinating to see the process behind your creations.

Michelle Basic Hendry said...

I might. But with the big move on the horizon I can't say for sure. Looks like a great event! So we'll see! Do a reminder on FB for me... :-)


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