Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wish You Were Here, continued

Best Friends: Lake Superior Provincial Park, 2010
Here are the mysterious ‘friends’ who live in the woods that I talk about, Rike on the left, and Gus in the middle. We initially met them in Lake Superior Provincial Park, while walking on the coastal trail, heading to Rhyolite Cove.  It seemed like fate, because from the moment we met them, we couldn’t stop talking, and running into one another both accidentally and on purpose in a VERY LARGE park.  When we camp, we share the dates and locations, and they usually come for a visit, both in Lake Superior, and Killarney Provincial Park.  This year they won’t be making it to Superior (a scheduling problem) but we still have a date for Killarney.  Superior, by the way, is about 900 kilometres away from my home.
Coastal Trail, Lake Superior Provincial Park, heading south to Rhyolite Cove, 2010.
This is the view from our 2010 campsite, from under the tarp. While the weather gifted us with a fantastic sunset, it also threw some heavy rain at us, drowning out our ‘hotdog’ fire, and ruining our dinner plans. I took this photo while it was raining.  The sunset photo from the previous post was shortly after.

3 comments: said...

Oh that is so nice. I often came across people like that too, it almost like a faith, or met to be. Too bad you cannot go this year. 900 km feels like a long long distance.

I never camped in my life. May be one day, not I have obviously the little guy to take care of.

Nice pictures, and btw always thanks for your visit to my blog.


Jennifer Rose said...

900 kilometres really isnt that far to go for views like that :)

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Anna, we did go, but it'll likely be next year before the pics go up. Some on facebook now, though.
Yes, Jennifer, we can't seem to stay away, this year, it was just as exciting as the last.


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