Friday, October 21, 2011

Artwork Unearthed from the Deeps

Now that I’m working once again on my printmaking, my pile of unfinished starts from last March was beginning to weigh me down. It was time to go digging and see what could be rescued, developed and finished.

Above: Man of Flowers and Bird Woman.  Gelatin, foam plate and linocut relief print.  It was almost there, and I had set it aside as it was too pale and I was afraid (thank goodness) to add any more layers to it.  After many months out of sight, the answer was obvious. I inked by hand a few sparse details in black (with a indelible rollerball, a favourite tool) and declared it complete.  The title just ‘is’. I have no idea what this means, the two just popped in and made their appearance. I don’t yet know their story.

Below: Forest Dreaming, Gelatin and foam plate print.  Another almost there print.  Again, I chose not to add another layer, and instead did some very tiny touch-ups with white gouache and a fine brush. Finished.
It feels good to rescue abandoned projects. It lets me move forward with some semblance of continuity after long interruptions.


Chrissy said...

Yeah, similarly I found a few abandoned ones too and put them right. Seems to be the time of year... they look very worthy of being unearthed :)

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Chrissy, those were a nice surprise and they probably teach us the value of occasionally putting things aside to evaluate MUCH later.


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