Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Consigned to Ashes—365 Art Card Project

New Linocut, WIP, about 6”x 9”, design is an enlargement of one of my atc’s.
My 365 Art Card Project is back into production after a not so brief hiatus.  Creating incentive to journey forward once more required taking a good long look at where I’d been. The pile was quite a nonsensical jumble so it took quite a large chunk of time to sort, categorize and contemplate what was contained there-in.
Here are some of them, now, after several hours of sorting and thinking, and putting into categories.
A close-up of a sorted portion. This is the box that most compels me.  Sorting the images was an interesting journey in artistic self discovery.  While I have a whole box filled half with landscapes, and half with abstracts, many of which I am quite fond of, they don’t hold the level of fascination with the emergent themes in this assortment of faces, myths, transformations, etc..  So I need to listen and follow their lead and find out where they take me…
Of course while I was at it, I did some winnowing. No point in keeping everything. While I will keep anything that holds even a germ of an idea, successful or not (this is, after all, my ‘idea factory’), some just don’t have much to say for themselves. While they don’t take up much space, it’s impossible to crystallize anything from slush.
I figured they needed a better send-off than recycling.
Somehow I get the feeling that this dude is accusing me of making a mistake? The weird thing is, by the time I noticed that singular eye staring back at me, it was pretty much too late.

All gone.
De-cluttering is good, it leaves room in our lives for more. In the process of burning art, perhaps it leaves room in the mind to embark on new adventures and teaches us to let go of that which is less than compelling; still, I’m feeling a little haunted by that one accusing eye…

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Michelle Basic Hendry said...

I love the new piece!
I did a bonfire last summer or two. Some interesting flame colours when burning paintings! LOL!

Quiltbug said...

The new piece is great. Your decluttering sounds just like the ones that I do in my quilting space. Of course I wouldn't dare try to set fire to my many rejcts. The fire dept would be at my door. The pieces get donated or strip pieced into something else.

Chrissy said...

I had a clean up last week too but no burning for me....not sure that I would like that sorrowful eye haha. Looks very well ordered....

kaslkaos said...

Michelle, I would have loved to have seen that bonfire. I'm beginning to think this is a part of the process and something special of itself.
Quiltbug, it's good you're recycling, and I suppose fabric is always more useful than paper and has a longer lifespan.
Thanks Chrissy. It's the semblance of order, and therefore good enough for me...


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