Friday, October 7, 2011

A New Line

More Gelatin Printmaking: this one is a close-up that I did on mulberry paper. It requires two gelatin plates; one large and one small.  I ink up the small one in a colour, then press my linocut into the the small inked-plate.  Then I press the inked linocut onto the large plate, repeat as desired, then lay the mulberry paper on as a result, and then continue with more linocuts and other colours.  I started a bunch of sheets as I really felt that I was in need of warm ups and practice before I moved on to the ‘next big thing’. There are projects that I abandoned way back in February when the big pickles started getting really bad, and I’m almost ready to start tackling them again as I ease my way back in.  This one will likely be turned into an origami lily for my mother-in-law. She is now in Long-term Care aka nursing home, and I thought that some bright origami flowers might be a nice touch at her bedside.
Here’s my mom-in-law in the rather lovely courtyard of her nursing home.  Yay! Public Health Care, social services and our tax dollars at work. Of course, that’s me on guitar, Dynamo in the middle, and the guy is my husband.
And the latest linocut finishes off some floral gelatin prints from the summer.  I never cut such fine lines before, and it marks a departure into a new style with an emphasis on line, leaving plenty of room for the elaborate gelatin layers to shine through.
Mismatched Cats: ACEO Linocut available at Etsy
I’m giving Etsy another shot this season, so I hope you will pardon the odd sales blurb, etc.. This is Rambo (the fat one) and Archer (the tall skinny one). Rambo is my mom-in-law’s cat; well, I guess he’s ours now, but he is still FAT, FAT, FAT. I would never do this to a cat, but I can’t help but think his bulk makes great subject matter.
Enough for now. I need LUNCH, and I need to get downstairs and back to some printmaking.


Jennifer Rose said...

that is a nice courtyard for a nursing home. a nice place to go out and enjoy the sun can really make a huge difference in a place

not to be a pain, but one day could you do a tutorial on gelatin printing? i really like the effects you get with them and would love to see how its done :) (tell me to shut up if you don't want to :) )

Chrissy said...

Lovely...and such a nice insight. I read this last week when I was unable to comment. I also love the prints...but, I always love those. I hope you are all doing OK X

Michelle Basic Hendry said...

It does look like a lovely spot...
Love the kitties!

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Jennifer. It has some nice spaces indoors too, maybe I'll get some photo's too.
I want to do a tutorial, and even have started a collection of photo's but don't hold your breath. OTOH, here's someone who beat me to it, and does a bang up wonderful job (in fact, it's kind of a disincentive to doing my own tute's, since it would feel like reinventing the wheel). Have fun with your lino!

kaslkaos said...

Chrissy, thanks so much. And yes, everyone is doing as well as can be expected, and my life has settled back into the old routines I'm rather fond of.
Thanks Michelle. I think I'll do up those kitties to t-shirt size someday.

Jennifer Rose said...

lol i wont hold my breath *crosses fingers tho* :P

really like that blog! :) lots to look at, thanks


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