Thursday, October 27, 2011

Trout Run Redux

It’s that time of year again; the brook trout, as always after Thanksgiving, are shimmying their way up the rivers and creeks.  Last evening, I stood, with binoculars in hand, by Vivian Creek in the Hollidge Tract and let myself be completely mesmerized by the fish and their tantalizing colours.  Irresistible they are, and are meant to be. All those flashing salmon bellies and fins surely meant to captivate the female eye, and while my aceo’s here are from memory only (that’s the point, to capture the moment) they absolutely do have stark black and white edges on their fins.  So, if you are anywhere near similar habitat, spend a few moments by a clear brook and look down.  Binoculars really help.
As far as I know, these are brook trout, but again, these are drawn from the memory of the moment and are in no way meant to be textbook illustrations.  Looking in on their glittering shaded world always seems to be a magical moment and I wouldn’t want to clutter it up with facts (easy enough to google brook trout for that).  But rest assured, if you have yet to see them for yourself, you will not be disappointed with the reality.
These are the newest entries from my 365 Art Card Project.  Ink on paper, watersoluble pencils, and white gouache, 2.5”x3.5”


Jennifer Rose said...

I've seen a salmon run a few times in the river by the lake, lots of activity. def. something a person should try to see one time

very nice cards :D

kaslkaos said...

Oops, a very belated thank you, Jennifer...always a pleasure to have you visit here.


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