Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Life Drawing Tuesday

Finally finished a piece I want to show. I’ve been having a horrible time with the reclining poses. Actually discussed this in class and one possibility (I LOVE excuses) given is the lack of background props as reference.  The model lies on a platform in the centre of the room. In the past, we used to use a tall chair rack covered in a blanket as an artificial wall. I do wonder if it helped place the model on the page. In this case, I have to just make it up. I supposed a realist with a lot of spare time could have fun with filling in the entire swath of parquet floor. Me, I’m more partial to abstractions.
And also have started using life drawing in linocuts.
This one’s 11x14, individual linocuts are 2.5x3.5 each, background abstraction is a gelatin print.
Both of these are snapshots, not scan and shadowy corners are not part of the artwork.
Now back to the drawing board.


Jennifer Rose said...

reclining poses can be such a pain to draw, and having a background does help when drawing. helps with the negative spaces

love the movement in those linocuts :) they seem to fly across the page :D

Jenny B. said...

I'm glad you DIDN'T sketch in the parquet floor! That would have been terribly distracting. You've succeeded beautifully in capturing the reclining poses.


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