Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Life-Drawing Tuesday

It’s all over for the season, but I got behind in posting, so these will be popping up now and again. Maintaining the illusion that a blog-post is a real-time thing is just a little silly too. However, the other notable thing with life-drawing, is sometimes they are best assessed after some time passes (actually, this holds true with a lot of art, and procrastination can be a very good thing anytime you feel ‘stuck’).
Notable here is ‘the hand’. It may not be a great hand, but it’s one of my better ‘hands’ and astounding evidence that I really really did need glasses.  I always had trouble drawing hands, and never seemed to get better at it. Try as I might, I couldn’t even begin to guess where the knuckles and nails where.  Now that I have glasses, I find while I don’t need them for general figure drawing, they are essential for ‘fingers, and toes, eyes, ears and nose’. 


Jennifer Rose said...

i hate drawing hands, just can't seem to do it right, and i have glasses! :P

no problem with feet tho, find them easy

kaslkaos said...

& counting every little piggie too? At least that's what I do, when I'm doing the toes.


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