Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Above: Raven and Sun, 2.5”x3.5” gelatin print with stencils and polystyrene (available at Etsy).
WIP: wanted to do a raven motif for a t-shirt for a LONG time, but every time I tried to draw one, it looked like anything but (eagle, vulture, crow, dove, but definitely NOT raven).  Problem is, that I have very little experience with them. Here in southern Ontario, they are just beginning to make a come back, as they move into the forest preserves of the Oak-Ridges Morraine, but they are shy and elusive in this area. I count myself VERY lucky if I manage to hear one “GRONK”, or “Gwoink” or ‘pic’ while flying unseen above the trees.
So I spent alot of time watching you-tube video’s on-line.  Lots of time, lots of video’s, much of it not related to the image. Raven’s playing ball with a dog, raven saying “hello” and ‘come here buddy’, raven interrupting eagle courtship, ravens rolling down a snow slope, ravens waddling across kitchen counters, and raven’s playing with border collies, racing cars, stealing sandwiches and on and on. The charm of all these video’s is that they were captures of real ravens being ravens, and the sometimes unnatural circumstances only highlight their intelligence and adaptability. You would have to blind not to admit after viewing them that we share this planet with other sentient creatures, and ravens are a notable member of the club.  And after all this screen time, I finally feel like I can draw Raven. 
This one is also a gelatin print using stencils and polystyrene.  It’s about 7” wide, and may or may not be finished.

More Ravens and other gelatin prints at Etsy


Michelle Basic Hendry said...

I love these!! You are on a creative roll.....

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Michelle. Not sure, but I do feel like I'm on a journey. It seems preferable to explore than to sit down and pick away at one image. Even I don't know where this will take me....

Chrissy said...

Michelle is right...you seem to be flying and it is all working very well.....I don't think it matter where it leads. It looks like you are having fun :)

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

ravens are really smart creatures! it amazes me that people can say that they are just dumb animals, all they have to do is read a bit about them and then they would see that ravens and other animals do think and figure out problems like we do

see some pretty big ones here, kind of scary when you see the size of their beaks and the damage they can do with it o.0

great prints, could tell it was a raven right away. it can be hard sometimes getting a bird to look like a specific bird, but you captured raven's look very well :D


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