Saturday, December 24, 2011

Ritual Matters


Ritual matters, so I won’t be calling this a ‘holiday tree’. It is a Christmas Tree, and we northern folks have been worshipping evergreens for a VERY long time, and will continue. Winter Solstice tree would likely be more accurate, because such things predate Christianity (although the rituals were a little less peaceful back then,the less said the better), but as Christmas celebrate the very important natural cycles of rebirth, I will just say Merry Christmas, and here is my tree for all to see, which looks much like last years tree, and the year before that. This one, oddly enough, will not die. At the tree farm, we left behind a tall stump and strong branches, from which a new tree will grow. There’s some strong symbolism in that.

And gosh, I wanted to write more, and show you more pictures (already on facebook), but it’s Christmas Eve, and it’s time to celebrate.

Merry Christmas All (or whatever you want to call it), because there is no denying that the longest night of winter is now over, and the days will get longer hereafter (at least until next year).


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

happy holidays :D

we have a fake tree but sky is terrified of it :/ ;p said...

Happy belated holidays! Wishing you happy New Year 2012. A Christmas tree it is! Anna :)

Michelle Basic Hendry said...

What a beautiful tree! I hope you had a wonderful holiday....


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