Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Life Drawing Tuesday

New model. She is very young, and very confident. I was never like that.
This years sessions are back in what is affectionately known as The Bunker.  It’s a small basement grotto bisected by supporting post, the walls are covered in shelving housing a variety of bulk student art supplies, the tables covered in brown paper topped by scribbles and paint, and it smells like art. I love the space, although it’s cramped. And because it is so intimate in size, artists talk to artists, model talks to artists, and the conversation goes round and round. It certainly beats the silence imposed by are sessions in the local theatre, which was over large, and echoing, and made conversation somehow embarrassing. I certainly clammed up there.
So we heard more about this models life than the usual. An art college grad, owned a horse, does pet portraits for cash, works as a tatoo artist (her limbs are covered with her own art, including horse as stated above), and hangs from hooks as a sideline—yep, you heard that…put an indelible image in my mind. And yes, she means ‘hooks’ as in industrial sized codfish hooks; are you imagining THAT yet.  I could google it, but some things I would rather NOT see, because once seen, they never go away. Bad enough to imagine it, which I did… you too???
And yet, as said above, she seemed very confident, together, self assured in ways I wish I could be, leading a lifestyle entirely of her making.  There is much to admire in that, and you can add in polite, and that infamously much maligned word, very ‘nice’.
I like our little art bunker, where art is made and lives are shared.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

suspension, the size of the hooks has always put me off trying :p

I think a smaller space is better, yes it can be cramped but i find that people tend to talk more. There are only 15 people in my college class, we all talk and talk to the models too (well the female model, the male doesn't talk much)

Michelle Basic Hendry said...

Sounds like a great experience. Life drawing was never my thing... I was told I aged people 20 years... LOL!
I was not confident when young either!

kaslkaos said...

Jennifer, you are trying to tempt me into following that link, aren't you?
Still resisting, still resisting...
as for the size of the hooks, let me guess that the smaller hooks would rip right out...eeek. (is this on your bucket list?)
Michelle, that's okay, I always add 20 lbs. to people. Sometimes because I actually like it that way, and sometimes just because.
PS. Are you that confident now??? I know I'm not.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

it is something I have always wanted to try, but if it doesn't happen, I wont be too upset :p


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