Friday, January 27, 2012

Whoot! New Business Card

I usually stay away from the business end of things here; it’s a journal after all, but having spent ALL MORNING at it, jeepers, just have to crow a little.  I’ve made up a few versions of a business card (always good to have in your possession) but left them at ‘the good enough’ stage. I did these early on, when I was just learning how to manipulate things with GIMP (Gnu Image Manipulation Program), so they were fairly primitive in the area of graphic design. 
In the meantime, I’ve been moving on with my art, and my methods and it was high time to make the change, so here it is.  I’ve lost count of the layers (layers seem to be a commonality with me), but I really had fun selecting (by colour) the black in detail from my image “Man of Flowers” and floating it on top of the card, making it transparent so that it would fall into the background, erasing and moving pieces about so that they would aid flow, etc.. I still used my favourite ‘go to’ font, ARIAL for readability and its clean crisp unassuming line, added in the aka kaslkaos, because while it may be silly, it is a name I use everywhere, and removed all the info on what kind of art that I do (ie. printmaking, watercolour, blah, blah, blah) for the crime of being ‘too much information’. Business cards are not advertisements, they are teasers and contact info, and it doesn’t hurt to make them pretty enough to keep. Well, hoping that these will get picked up and kept.
Also began, at a local gallery, leaving behind little treats, I call “Excerpts from the 365 Art Card Project”. I have no idea what the count is, but they never see the light of day, and I hoard them and wouldn’t trade them for the world, but decided there is nothing wrong with a little reproduction. So, I am weekly printing off one design as an actual size reproduction, and signing them and leaving them in a tiny pile at the gallery community table, free for the taking.  Just to keep things moving, I remove any left behind from last week when I drop off new ones.
This one’s going out this week.
And this one was done with sharpie markers and pen.  Also available on Etsy if you miss the freebies.


Quiltbug said...

the details are way over my head but the card is great!!!

kaslkaos said...

Thanks so much. I felt a bit silly posting this, but after working on it all morning, well, it was something.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

the card looks great, very eyecatching with the red :)

and that is a great idea leaving some prints, good way to get people looking at your art

Chrissy said...

The card is brilliant, I love it and it is nice to see...after all it is still your art and marketing is important which brings me on to your next. What a great idea to get your art out there, I can be so uninventive sometimes!

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Jennifer & Chrissy. About said idea, it requires a gallery that allows such things. The policy there is, as long as it's art related, you can leave your stuff behind, and they even neaten up the table every so often. Pretty nice.


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