Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Life Drawing Tuesday--Gary

11”x14” Sketchpad paper, coloured pencils (grey right corner shading is a snapshot artefact (in other words, bad photography)
I'm behind in my Life Drawing posts; this one is from Valentine's Day.  Gary's a great model, very professional and dignified. He held this post for 45 minutes, which I think is quite a feat.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sculpture Walk Magnetawan Provincial Park

Sorry about the misnomer in the title, but well, in winter, ski’s are better than boots for getting around, and ‘sculpture ski’ just wouldn’t sound quite the same.  I spent the weekend with my friends (the infamous friends ‘who live in the woods’) but the art museum was all around us, as we took advantage of snow covered lake (and bog) ice.
The ravens had their own ideas of creative self-expression. The marks on the snow are the result of a raven ‘conference’ or gathering, or play session. We really don’t know what goes on behind their black feathered heads, we can only see the results of their meet.
We also found numerous wolf-tracks, but I didn’t photograph those because they basically look like big dog tracks.
And looking down and very close, in a gap in the stones by the river, the most delicate of sculptures, hoarfrost.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Staircase Showcase Art Show Announcement

Staircase Showcase at Above Ground Art Supply and Supporter of the Arts viewing the show.
Staircase Showcase:
A selection of gelatin monoprints by Ingrid Schmelter A.O.C.A.
February 16th to March 16th 2012
74 McCaul Street
Toronto Ontario Canada
Two more from my “Cellular Life” ongoing series (I’m definitely not done with this concept, I have a box labelled ‘bacteria’ where  my foam stamps multiply and recombine, not to mention the mouldy gelatine waiting in the fridge). These two and more are at the show.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Skating on Musselman’s Lake—photo essay

Imagine all this ice to yourself. I had it last Friday; mine all mine, the only skater out there, with ice as smooth as glass.  It’s over now, it snowed, and the ice lies beneath a white blanket.  But I can still share the photographs.
My neighbourhood, from the skaters angle. Most of the year, I only see these houses from the street view, when I walk the circle around the lake. Only in winter, do I get the lakeshore view.
Patches like this had me completely mesmerized. It looked like someone had shattered the ice, and pieced it back together to make a mosaic. It brought me up short, every time I passed over it, when I would spin around and stop and hover, staring into the deep. The mystery here, is that the ice is very solid and very thick, so I have no idea how it could get that fragile shattered look.

Well, that's probably it for the ice photo's this year, but one never really knows.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Finding the Way

Finding the Way: Gelatin monoprint & ink on 5”x7” Stonehenge Paper.

Finally completed is one of those prints I have developed in stages over months, starting out with some abstract, and as usual, pitted and corrupted gelatin layer, followed with a few found objects, topped with foam plate relief, and finalized with a few fine lines of pen.

I’ve been enormously busy with framing, a task I avoid almost at all costs, but I have been asked to bring my art to Above Ground Art Supplies for a 30 day solo show on their Staircase Gallery. Finally, a venue that suits ‘small’ art! I’ll admit that I’m pretty excited about this, given it’s location side by side with the Ontario College of Art and Design University and only one block away from the Art Gallery of Ontario, not to mention that long long ago, I used to shop there for all of my art supplies (when I too was a student of what was then known as the Ontario College of Art).
So this week and last week, I have been busy hunting and gathering through my stash, assessing, deciding, slicing and dicing, scrubbing (glass) and mounting, etc.. The worst part was making decisions, what goes, what stays (final decisions will happen next Thursday, when a final selection gets made).
“Finding the Way” is an example of what a good thing a deadline can be. It is one that I have liked for a long time, but it never made the cut as ‘finished’. It was mostly made up of delicate ghost-print layers, and even when I added the relief (blue and gold) rings and pointer, it would still wash out at any distance. When I first began the gelatin prints, I was a ‘purist’ in that I demanded that each be 100% completed with some method of print-making, but I’ve since decided to drop that restriction, and so have finally finished "Finding the Way” with pen and ink, and while applying pen to a print is always risky, it worked out for me this time.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

There are Cracks in My Universe—photo essay

Standing at the edge of a parallel universe.
Tentacular ice.
IMG_3740 (2)72
Landscape in flatland.
Musselman’s Lake, abstract artist.
Universe Below.
Eye On You, with tentacles.
On a day like today, this universe is not so bad either.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Life Drawing Tuesday

This is Jim, in coloured pencils.  For the longer poses, I now have an 11x14 sketch pad with 50 sheets of heavy paper, great for pencils, and it stays in my “Life Drawing” bag. So this one is actually 11x14 but the scanned image is smaller (ie, it’s cropped). Same goes for the one below.
Jim’s gotten good at his job. I remember when he first came in, he seemed hesitant, and his poses were kind of boring. Lot’s of standing and sitting in symmetrical poses. Well, I have no idea how he did it, but he’s a GREAT model now. His warm-up poses (short poses where models do not have to worry about their physical ability to hold the pose) are amazing and dynamic action poses, and very manly. Since we have an abundance of female models, manly is good for contrast.
Here’s Jim doing a nicely dynamic long pose. (again the image is cropped by my scanner; I actually manage to fit everything on the page).

Friday, February 3, 2012

There are Cracks in My Universe


Tonight, winter revealed a treasure! Ice on Musselman’s Lake. The ice is just gorgeous. The entire lake shines, and the house lights make long bright streaks across the surface. I went skating for my exercise, and skated all around the lake, along the length of the shore and then dog-wandered looking for the smoothest ice. There was no snow anywhere, but many patches of bumps and ripples, and when I skated onto the first patch of black ice, it felt like the world had dropped away and I surfing the edge of another universe. It was an experience both awesome and more than a little disconcerting, more than a little like expecting to walk across a hole into which you could fall for a very long time.


But it had such patterns frozen inside, I could have spent the whole hour crawling on my knees just to look at such things, where the ice had shattered and frozen leaving track marks, and mysterious vortices that looked twisters frozen into a black sky, or the effervescent ice that sparkled like a million stars. And in the gray ice there were all these frozen holes with their radiant tentacles extending outwards; it was all quite beautiful, and so was the skating, and those divots of black, that are all over in the grey ice, are like peering into down into another universe.

And once again, as I raced across the ice, I had that strange timeless feeling, thinking if this moment would just go on forever it would not be such a bad thing, not even with the grey sky and the gathering dusk and the distant houses, which lent everything a lonely surreal feeling: I could want to do this forever, just gliding across surface of a frozen lake.


Or not, as practicalities, the very mortal needs of food and shelter, call me away before I’m ready to go in.

Images Above: ACEO’s, paper varies, done with sharpie markers.

Below: There are Cracks in My Universe, ACEO, on Grey Stonehenge paper, black and red pen, & sharpie markers.


Obviously, I write these posts at different times, and in fact, the words were gleaned from two different journal entries from the last two weeks. But here’s where it gets interesting. In between the two opportunities to skate (we had snow and rain in between times), the aceo Cracks in My Universe appeared on the page (that’s how it feels; sometimes they just happen). And, as usual, I wondered, well, where did that come from? And of course, I can contemplate a little on it, and think it’s the tearing away of 'who we think we are’ to reveal ‘what we really are’ which will forever remain a mystery, but as I was skating across the ice, looking down into those deep dark holes, and thinking my thoughts, I realized that on a much more basic level, it was just another version of those black ice divots.


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