Sunday, February 12, 2012

Finding the Way

Finding the Way: Gelatin monoprint & ink on 5”x7” Stonehenge Paper.

Finally completed is one of those prints I have developed in stages over months, starting out with some abstract, and as usual, pitted and corrupted gelatin layer, followed with a few found objects, topped with foam plate relief, and finalized with a few fine lines of pen.

I’ve been enormously busy with framing, a task I avoid almost at all costs, but I have been asked to bring my art to Above Ground Art Supplies for a 30 day solo show on their Staircase Gallery. Finally, a venue that suits ‘small’ art! I’ll admit that I’m pretty excited about this, given it’s location side by side with the Ontario College of Art and Design University and only one block away from the Art Gallery of Ontario, not to mention that long long ago, I used to shop there for all of my art supplies (when I too was a student of what was then known as the Ontario College of Art).
So this week and last week, I have been busy hunting and gathering through my stash, assessing, deciding, slicing and dicing, scrubbing (glass) and mounting, etc.. The worst part was making decisions, what goes, what stays (final decisions will happen next Thursday, when a final selection gets made).
“Finding the Way” is an example of what a good thing a deadline can be. It is one that I have liked for a long time, but it never made the cut as ‘finished’. It was mostly made up of delicate ghost-print layers, and even when I added the relief (blue and gold) rings and pointer, it would still wash out at any distance. When I first began the gelatin prints, I was a ‘purist’ in that I demanded that each be 100% completed with some method of print-making, but I’ve since decided to drop that restriction, and so have finally finished "Finding the Way” with pen and ink, and while applying pen to a print is always risky, it worked out for me this time.


Quiltbug said...

Congratulations on the upcoming show. let me know the dates so can pass the info on to a current student at OCAD. I have shown her some of your art and I think she would like to see more of it.

Michelle Basic Hendry said...

I know what you mean about deadlines..! Congrats on the show!

kaslkaos said...

Thanks for spreading the word, Quiltbug: dates are February 17th to March 12th approx. as I get a choice of pick-up dates. I'll make an 'official' post once it's all up.
Thanks Michelle, yep, deadlines are the little whips that get us doing what we should but rather not.

Chrissy said...

I hope the show goes really well and well done to you because it can be so difficult getting into places :)


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