Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Life Drawing Tuesday

This is Jim, in coloured pencils.  For the longer poses, I now have an 11x14 sketch pad with 50 sheets of heavy paper, great for pencils, and it stays in my “Life Drawing” bag. So this one is actually 11x14 but the scanned image is smaller (ie, it’s cropped). Same goes for the one below.
Jim’s gotten good at his job. I remember when he first came in, he seemed hesitant, and his poses were kind of boring. Lot’s of standing and sitting in symmetrical poses. Well, I have no idea how he did it, but he’s a GREAT model now. His warm-up poses (short poses where models do not have to worry about their physical ability to hold the pose) are amazing and dynamic action poses, and very manly. Since we have an abundance of female models, manly is good for contrast.
Here’s Jim doing a nicely dynamic long pose. (again the image is cropped by my scanner; I actually manage to fit everything on the page).


Chrissy said...

As always I appreciate your life drawing because it is so hard to capture a moment quickly....as a portrait person though, I love the closer look at Jim. Decisive lines and Jim looks to be a strong personality...I confess to wanting to see his eyes for real ;)

kaslkaos said...

I love doing portraits of Jim. Yes, his face is amazing. He has smallish eyes (typical masculine eye, nothing out of the ordinary). Maybe someday I should go even closer, though, even with glasses on, I'm not sure I'd get more detail. It's always interesting to contemplate the character of the model; it can add something to the drawing.

Chrissy said...

Hmmm ~ blue. All eyes are out of the ordinary ...to me ;)

Aileen Albon said...

Gorgeous! Love your use of assorted colours.

kaslkaos said...

Thanks for dropping by, Aileen.


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