Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Skating on Musselman’s Lake—photo essay

Imagine all this ice to yourself. I had it last Friday; mine all mine, the only skater out there, with ice as smooth as glass.  It’s over now, it snowed, and the ice lies beneath a white blanket.  But I can still share the photographs.
My neighbourhood, from the skaters angle. Most of the year, I only see these houses from the street view, when I walk the circle around the lake. Only in winter, do I get the lakeshore view.
Patches like this had me completely mesmerized. It looked like someone had shattered the ice, and pieced it back together to make a mosaic. It brought me up short, every time I passed over it, when I would spin around and stop and hover, staring into the deep. The mystery here, is that the ice is very solid and very thick, so I have no idea how it could get that fragile shattered look.

Well, that's probably it for the ice photo's this year, but one never really knows.


Jenny Bennett said...

The top photo took me aback for a moment because it didn't look like ice to me, it looked like water, and I thought, all the other people who tried to skate here have drowned! You have very clear ice up there, I must say...but then there are interesting patterns too. I like the ice abstracts.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

i love those photos :D that is such a neat texture on the ice :D i would have been, crap cracked ice, don't skate on it :p

Michelle Basic Hendry said...

Like Jenny, I was quite taken aback by the first photo. It looks like it froze suddenly in the middle of skipping rocks!

kaslkaos said...

Actually, I think those plutons extruded onto the ice actually opened up and swallowed everyone else. Skating that section felt very surreal, like I'd just been dropped into a zone where none of the regular laws of physics applied.
Jennifer, the nice thing about black ice with cracks is you can actually see exactly how thick (or not) the ice is. It was really thick.
Jenny, it's not usually that clear, in fact, skating is a rare treat. Ironically, it's the warm winter that created the opportunity (rain followed by freeze).
Michelle, make that a giant skipping boulders. What an image that creates! (they were big circles)


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