Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Every Life is its own Universe

Title: Every Life is it's own Universe (available on Etsy)
Image: 9" x 12"
Medium: Monoprint, relief monoprint from polystyrene plate
Support: 9" x 12" Stonehenge Paper
Materials: Stonehenge paper, speedball watersoluble printers ink, gelatin plate, polystyrene

This monoprint is densely detailed, the kind of work that reveals every more detail the closer you step toward it, and very well in keeping with the theme, Every Life is it's own Universe. We all see the world from our own perspective, with a view from our own eyes. But not only is this world inhabited by billions of other people, but trillions of other lives. Every Life is its own Universe, commemorates the views from below, the earth at your feet, the duff on the forest floor, that teams life, some of which have eyes of their own to peer back at you.
I've included some details so you can see the details and texture of the print. I love working with dense layers and random elements, just to see what happens.
PS. Just thought I ought to give everyone a little update, as I’ve been more quiet than usual (I think?).  I’m fine, just fine, but I decided to take selling on Etsy a little more seriously (a few sales helped encourage that).  So besides creating new artwork, participating in shows (more on that later) I’ve been busy scanning and editing artwork, writing sales blurbs, and doing what passes for social networking on Etsy (join my circle anyone?). By the time I’m done with all that, I’m just really tired, brain tired; I’m just not that sociable, the font dries up. 
All of this comes from assessing my goals. Once upon a time, was that five years ago, my goal was simply to have ‘more art than I know what to do with’.  Since my portfolio was less than scanty at the time, it was an admirable goal, and achieving it, akin to climbing a mountain. Well, now, that goal has been more than achieved and I’m drowning it. Sometimes I need to go to my blog, or my Etsy site, or my piles (so many) just to try to remember what I’ve done and where I’m going next. So now I’m taking a serious kick at the can for sales, marketing, networking, etc.. I’ve dabbled, but now I’ve stated it as a goal.  And phew, it makes me tired.  So, I will try really really hard to not be too tired to communicate and respond to my real friends out there (and if you are still reading this, you are counted amongst them), but jeepers, now off I go to post another item on Etsy.
PPS. If you don’t see any salamanders or centipedes, you haven’t looked hard enough.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

marketing is very tiring :/

i have way too much art from college, if we had more space I would have a big bonfire :p

found all kinds of creatures on the big view :D one of those prints that you can spend hours searching around

Michelle Basic Hendry said...

I love these layered beauties!

It's fun to see a portfolio grow.

kaslkaos said...

An big public art bonfire could be fun...
Thanks Jennifer, love the pic you put in my head, now I see people on hands and knees searching for bugs in art, and either my art got very large or the people are very small...
Thanks Michelle, yep. We seem to have a little art circle, watching everyone develop. It's been a few years...

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

as long as someone brings choclate, marmallows, and grahm crackers, then we could make smores :D

Chrissy said...

I agree marketing is tiring but it has to be done. Well it does if you would prefer to give up the day job and make art to sell...double edged sword but my day job is gone so am in similar position. Do I go out cleaning at £6 an hour or get online and be sociable hahaha.
Amazing print and yes the more you look, the more you find...and as you know I like bugs. Love the spiders too and the salamander in negative is almost one I could have missed, doh!

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Chrissy. Today, I'm not marketing.


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