Thursday, March 15, 2012

Works in Progress

Just realized I haven’t posted in while….oops. But I have been busy, so I thought I would fling up some W.I.P.s. Well, here they are. Above is my VERY HIGH TECH Print Drying Rack. Yep, a folding clothes hanger with clothes pins. Works great and very much beats carefully stacking drying prints across every available horizontal surface.  Also, if you’re in a hurry, it lines them up nicely for a session of blow-drying (not kidding).
Rainbow blend-roll for the first layer.
I’m using cardboard cut-outs to register my foam plates.  The large one houses an 8x10 sheet of paper.  The smaller fits into the 8x10 slot, and houses the 4x6 polystyrene plate.  The cork is my baren (neatly labeled in pen, otherwise, it’s just a cork to me).  Baren’s are used in relief printmaking to apply heavy even pressure to your printing plate in the absence of a printing press.  You can by them for about $10 and up, but I’m using the cork that comes with cross-country ski wax kits, as I don’t use them on my skis (I let plain old friction smooth the wax on my skis)
Here is everything fit together, and I’ll be using the baren/cork to press the inked foam plate against the paper beneath.
Freshly pressed, layer one of Union.  If you look at the green tape, you’ll see the secret of the deckled edge. I’ve taped the natural deckel edges of my Stonehenge paper, rough edge inward.  Then I place the contraption onto a blank sheet of paper, and using it as a stencil, paint in with mat heavy body black acrylic paint before I begin printing. (the third photo shows the paper with the ‘fake’ deckled edge in black.
And now back to the cave to print some more.


Michelle Basic Hendry said...

Looks like you're having some fun...! Your blends are beautiful....

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

very nice :D will have to try making a deckled edge one day, really neat look


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