Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Flowers in Woolly Coats

Round Lobed Hepatica (anemone americana)
Once again, the wild flowers are pushing forth from the forest floor in their race to be first to meet the pollinators. The round lobed hepatica is one the very first, and if you look at how they’re dressed, you’ll know why.
This is a close-up of their fur clad feet.
Another early riser, is the blue cohosh, less easily explained, unless the blue bloom aids in frost protection too. One colour my camera fails at, is flower blue. In life, these guys are steely and brilliant. Within a week or two, they will look like ordinary dark green leafy plants but I love them when they are still furled, looking like otherworldly creatures rising from the duff.
In an ironic twist, I knew these guys were up, as I had seen several hits on my blog from searches for ‘blue cohosh’. It’s a pretty good hint that they’ve emerged, and sure enough, here they are, same place, possibly the same plant photographed last year.
Another beauty in the early riser category is bloodroot. The gory name come from the colour of their sap, which is henna red, and can be used to draw lovely designs all over the skin.
And here they are standing at attention, paying homage to the noon-day sun.  I’ve always considered high-noon to be a terrible time to take pictures, but in this case the uncompromising contrasts highlighted their sculptural form.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

i thought that was a furry tarantula foot at first :p

one of our cameras makes blues more vibrant that they are, and reds duller :/ but it takes really good clear photos so, really messing around in gimp to fix the problems is all right

Chrissy said...

Great images and lovely to see what is emerging in your woods. Slightly different to some of the fauna in ours but I have been watching things emerge too. The timing always fascinates me as well as the beauty :)

Michelle Basic Hendry said...

Those photos are so beautiful... I love Spring.

kaslkaos said...

Jennifer, hah! But they do look alive, don't they. I wish I could have captured how sparkly and silvery they were too.
Chrissy, I wonder, do our common flowers look exotic to you? When I see your bird pics, they often look familiar but exotic at the same time.
Thanks Michelle. Now that MUD SEASON is over, I love spring too.


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