Monday, April 9, 2012

Life Drawing Tuesday

Here’s Teresa, the girl who hangs from hooks (suspension). I’m actually a little jealous of her, but in a good way. She’s just seems very centred, balanced and successful. I wouldn’t mind having just a little of that, not to mention the horse she owns. As you can tell, we are all quite chatty at the Art Bunker (the space where we do life drawing). She is also a talented artist, and has a career as a tattoo artist (not to mention the career as a sideshow act hanging from fish hooks…hmmmm)
As usual, this one’s coloured pencil, and I’m more in love with the medium than ever (aside from printmaking).  The colours are so jewel-like and translucent. When I draw, my face falls into the page, as I become completely enraptured by the colours, and their blending. I used a clear wax burnishing crayon for this one. It allows the pencils to be blended in the way of pastels, without the mess.  A good thing, because I like to lean in, elbows and the heal of the hand against the page, and get pretty physically into the work. 
Life drawing is over for me until September. I take a break for monetary reasons (it’s not free) and to get the most of the summer/outdoors weather.  But I’m super behind on my postings, so there will be more of these (though this one’s my favourite to date).  I’m already missing the artful camaraderie of the bunker, but also the explorations in coloured pencils. I may apply what I’ve learned at life drawing to some semi-abstract coloured pencil landscapes, something I haven’t done in a long while. I’m sure I’ve loosened up my style a lot, so I myself am curious as to what will end up on the page.
And, in keeping with this years goals: Teresa is available at Etsy.  And I can laugh at that, as I did some research. Found a very accomplished figure drawing artist on Etsy (she has great art for sale), but her one and only sale for the whole year is a crocheted scarf!  Well, I guess my little crochet hobby may not be such waste of time afterall….


Jenny B. said...

You have captured something distinctive in her mood. I would like to be that confident and fierce myself!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

very fantasy looking :D

and hey, maybe the crochet will be a big money earner for you :D most artists have some side thing that makes them money

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Jenny, and yep. She's nice too.
Jennifer, she just got her done in neon green and blue dreads in prep for her next show, suspended dressed in a mermaid outfit--very fantasy indeed.
Heh, heh, if wouldn't it be fun to make your living as hooker, um, crocheter (<which sounds almost as bad depending on how you pronounce the word).

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

thats sounds really cool, something I would love to see :)

yeah unless the person already knows what a person who crochets is called, it could be taken the wrong way :p


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