Friday, April 27, 2012

Two Butterfly’s, a Dog, and a Scarlet Cup

Eastern Comma (polygonia comma)
I can’t believe I took this photo. I am not patient. I long ago junked my professional (and now obsolete) slr camera equipment (beach sand is a killer), and when I walk in the woods, I move very fast.  But this dude posed for me! And waited around long enough for me to fumble with my camera pouch, pull it out and snap.
And the Red Admiral (vanessa atalanta)
And another poser.
Scarlet Cup Fungus (on the left bottom (Sarcoscypha dudleyi))
A singular scarlet cup fungus and rotted log obligingly collaborated to form a lovely little abstract composition.
And while I’m showing off photos, what the heck, here’s Dynamo, illustrating the best way to take advantage of a sunny day in spring.
Well, now that’s a dogs breakfast of subject matter.
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Michelle Basic Hendry said...

Beautiful shots! I have been noticing a large number of butterflies down here. I don't know if that's normal or not, but it is a nice thing!

As for the regular SLR? I haven't bought film in a decade....

kaslkaos said...

I just remain amazed at what a 'snapshot' camera can do--things I never dreamed of in art college. When I remember, I even use it as an electronic magnifying lens. Take a photo of a bug, and you can see the hair on it's back.
Enjoy those butterflies--always good, I think.


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