Friday, May 25, 2012

Last One Standing

This is a proof from a 15 print edition I did for a print exchange.  The theme was Heads Up, and after boring myself with several literal, and cute/funny interpretations, I decided to go with ‘heads up’ as a warning. I’m hoping the connection is not too obscure, I’m hoping people care enough to see it AS a warning, but I fear it will be just a pretty landscape, with a city skyline and we like city skylines, right? Well, actually I do like city skylines myself, I would even like cities, and suburbs too if they knew their boundaries and stayed behind them, but they creep and crawl in ever expanding circles until every good thing is chewed up and paved over. 
When I was growing up, I lived in a suburb. At least it seemed very suburban. All the streets had quaint names, and there were cul-de-sacs, and repetitive designs, and I had a fantastic view of the Pickering Nuclear Power Plant from my back yard. But we also had old overgrown orchards, farmers fields, and creeks to explore, and you didn’t have to venture far to get into farm country.  But of course the tiny little suburb I grew up in is now surrounded by multiple suburbs and shopping malls, a six lane highway, super centres etc.
farm-country1 farm-country2Ninth Line, north of Musselman’s Lake
So I moved North. Up here on my hill (yes, I live literally on top of hill, and reside on one of the highest humps of the Oakridges Moraine) things are still pretty. If I travel north, there still is farm country, and forest, much of it protected (York Regional Forest), but travelling south I see that the suburbs have followed me northwards, as they actively munch away at the landscape.  Of course I have no photo’s of the cancerous northward sprawl of Stouffville, but the bull-dozers are daily busy chewing things up. They are unstoppable.
well, there’s my rant… I’m tired of being polite and trying not to step on any toes. Right now I’ve insulted all those new-comers to Stouffville, the ones buying the cookie cutter houses that spring up like mushrooms.

PS. so busy ranting, forgot to add art notes on the print. It is a ACEO sized linocut on a gelatin print. I used something like collograph technique to get the texture; which means I used acrylic gel on hard board to create a textured plate, and pressed that into inked gelatine. Small art for a small planet. Not sure if I should post this one to etsy or not.


Michelle Basic Hendry said...

I know what you mean...
Having moved far away I sometimes think I am homesick for a place and then I remember that much of what I think of as 'home' geographically is gone. My once physical home only exists in my memory now. Even my family has all moved from my familiar places.

I love the way you interpreted that challenge - haunting piece!

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Michelle, and glad you called it 'haunting' as I didn't want it to be pretty (but weirdly, I think it is). I see this scene all the time in a way, as I live on hill and often see the Toronto silhouette on the southern horizon.


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