Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Life Drawing Tuesday

Ursula, again. This was a long a pose (and a very pretty one, thanks Ursula). I got most of the colour down during the live session, but when I assessed at home, I felt that something was missing (it was a fairly delicate and conservative rendering), so I spent some adding some heavy colour and burnishing with a colourless blender.  Some hand-cramps later, I really liked the result. Yip!
And another close-up (and a hand that I actually like!)
For those of you on facebook, you’ve already noticed that I’m working in coloured pencil again after a long hiatus (if I don’t include Life Drawing Tuesdays). I’m working on two 11x14’s (same paper as this one) and really filling up the page. I haven’t work in cp for a long time, but I very glad I kept on doing so with the life drawing, as this time around I’m faster and bolder and so can work on something bigger with more fill and burnishing. Well, next post (x-ing fingers) will be a new cp. 
In the meantime, still filling my Etsy space, and get to add this one to my small but growing figure drawing portfolio.

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