Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Tools of the Trade


WIP of my next (hopefully, as I never know).

Etsy has a new feature; the ABOUT PAGE, that offers space for five luscious ‘process’ photos and captions for the shop.  It’s a great way to show folks how things are made. As a printmaker, this is incredibly important, as nowadays, the word ‘print’ = ‘copy of an original aka reproduction’ more often than not. Process photographs will give me a chance to show people that printmaking is a method of creating original works of art and that not all prints are reproductions. But that’s another story. 

I realized that before I can take advantage of the feature, I need some good process photographs, and as I’m working in coloured pencil at the moment, I might as well start there.  I actually WASHED my table (for the first time in XXXX), and sifted and sorted through a whole sea of layered papers, and then pulled my tripod out of my closet, set my timer, and, ta da.

Next time I get into making prints, I’ll have to do the same thing all over again. But that’s okay. It’s fun to show off my toys. It’ll take awhile before I’m actually ready to take advantage of all this and post it to Etsy (anyone want to write up my BIO and SHOP STORY?), oh no, just remembered I also need a self portrait. I guess a kitty pic just won’t cut it, will it?

Well, that’s it for blogging today.

Sigh, now I know why we were forced to write all those essays in high school.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

i need to take photos too, and write the dreaded bio, always hate writing them :/

kaslkaos said...

Yah, we all do. It's a great idea though; that way people can instantly see you are a 'real' artist. Etsy is getting cluttered with re-sellers.


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