Friday, July 27, 2012

Midnight Stag

Midnight Stag: 10.5x10.5 inches, coloured pencil on paper.  For details, click image, and click again on picture to get extreme close-ups. 
This one and Raven and Sun was done for submission to AWOL Gallery’s Square Foot Show.  I found working in square format led me to a more mythic/primitive subject matter.
When I began Midnight Stag, I had no particular colour scheme in mind, just a quick sketch on the page. Recent events happened when I was still forming my opinion, and Midnight Stag it became as I allowed darker elements to take over.
Both will be available and on display at the Square Foot Show from August 4th to 19th in Toronto. I hope to make it down to the gallery myself, as this is an open show (not curated) and therefore a VERY eclectic collection. I’ve seen previous shows on-line, and it seems to bring in an eye-searing variety—and that’s a compliment.  It looks to me like all artists use it to show off who they are and what they are about rather than try to ‘impress’ an audience, judge or jury.  So I want to see it just to observe the million different directions artists will take when not strapped to an agenda.


Michelle Basic Hendry said...

Stunning... And it would floor you to see this in light of a story I have been working on... I think this is a new favourite!

kaslkaos said...

Heh, heh, thank you. I remember you saying your writing is going well, but having some trouble with the visuals. Well, here I am tongue tied. There was 'stuff' I wanted to say about Midnight Stag, but, well, it didn't come out. Hmmm... now for guessing your story...


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