Friday, July 6, 2012

Verge-the edge of the forest


Verge Forest Landscape Fine Art Original Coloured Pencil Painting
11"x14" original coloured pencil painting
Title: Verge
I live in the semi-rural community of Musselman's Lake. While there are forest preserves to the north of where I live, much of what I see farm country, forest edges, and from the south, encroaching suburbia. In other words, I live on the verge, the edge of the city, the transition from suburban to rural, and the edge of the forest. Lately I've been leaving the car at home, climate change is a burning (quite literally) issue, so for exercise I either walk my neighbourhood or ride my bike to town and forest. The landscape seen from this slower pace is all new to me and doesn't compare to seeing it flee across my eyes from the window of an automobile. The clumps of trees that the landowners leave behind have always been a mystery to me. Is it aesthetic value on the farmers part or are there practical reasons unknown to me? They are always far from the road, and what lies within them, and their full breadth and span is left up to my imagination.

I've posted details on etsy, so you can see how a fully burnished work in coloured pencil shares the richness and sheen of an oil painting.  This, lately, has been the source of my renewed fascination with coloured pencil, especially once the colours become so dense that the can be moved about like paint.

In other news, I’ve joined pinterest; I thought it’s visual emphasis might be a good way to communicate on my ‘tongue-tied’ days, and so hoping you’ll join me on my ‘take action’ board, as these are the thoughts I’ve been mulling through. Of course I’ve also made boards for my art too.

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Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

i always wondered why there is clumps of trees in fields, figured it had something to do with soil erosion?


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