Friday, August 31, 2012

Dreaming With The Greenman

Dreaming With The Greenman is a mixed-media miniature artwork. The base is a gelatin and polystyrene monotype print, followed by coloured pencil and gold ink. Using started prints as a base opens a door to the subconscious. I am learning to let go, ignore the internal editor and allow myself to be surprised (or not) by what turns up on the page. I’ve seen these two before, and like any archetype, there is a reason they rise to the surface again and again. Making art in such a spontaneous manner becomes an act of discovery.
For really super up close details, I’ve uploaded this to Fineartamerica, but the original was created for a miniature art exhibition. I still haven’t decided if this is one of three to go, but it was created in the dimension of 4” x 5” to suit that specification. More small art for a small world, and easy on the planet.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

still working with the mayan theme? i like it :)

kaslkaos said...

Thanks, and yes and no to your question. As in, not deliberately, but everything seen, and done, and felt comes through into into art one way or another.


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