Friday, August 3, 2012

Flower Child

How about an interlude into crochet. Have I told you I crochet, yet? Well I do. I like to call it hooking, or yarning if I’m being polite. Crocheting sounds prissy, and while I may be many things, prissy I am not.  I only started crochet in March, for practical reasons, but by now I’m pretty much hooked (not asking for pardon on the pun).  At the nursing home I visit, one gentle lady put the appeal of it all down in the simplest terms. It is a way of getting things that no one else has. Such as unique hats, that no one else on earth owns, nor would want to own. When it comes to colour, I completely lack self control, and the colour changing yarns available feed that addiction. This yarn is called Glow In the Dark (I was hoping it did that too, but it doesn’t). I can’t take credit for the design, it was from a pattern (yes, I will share the source if you are actually interested), but it was relaxing to just read the instructions and do for a change. Easier than art, by a VERY LONG shot, as art requires the mind to be continually engaged in high gear. Maybe this too is why I like crochet.
But mostly, it will be such fun to wear this hat, in public, even if it makes my husband, and possibly many others, snigger.
And it turns out that I’ve been into wearing flowers on my head for a very long time.  I made my own wedding dress, (okay, my husband actually did all the boring stuff, like beading and hems, but I designed it, with lots of hems and beads and no good sense in mind), and the head piece, with, ahem, flowers on my head.
flowerchild3See, look. Flowers on my head, and lots of hems to hem, not to mention long strings of beads.
And fast forward to this year, more flowers on my head.
princess-swag72IMG_4259 Well, the multi-coloured chain was just a temporary migration. I couldn’t help myself. The swag was intended for my bike.
IMG_4233Which is fairly elaborately yarn-bombed. It all started when I realized my bicycle seat was about to disintegrate, so I crocheted a cover, then I thought it would be good to add storage capacity, (beyond the milk-crate basket at the back) so I hooked up a front basket twin water bottle holder (which the husband refers to as a nice pair of jugs), so adding the flower swag was inevitable. After all, it couldn’t get worse, could it?  And yes, I pedal many kilometers on this thing, sometimes carting all my groceries back up a high hill. It’s fun to pass (or be passed by) the spandex crowd. You know, the dudes in their stretchy pants and skinny bikes and competitive attitude.  Sometimes they are even friendly. Once, I got serious complements on my pedalling technique! Serious, because I actually was doing something different from my usual, and it turned out that now I actually make better time because someone noted it. Likely, the guy was surprised that someone riding a bike like mine could pedal at all.
I digress. What the heck. Here’s a lazy susan for you to top it all off.
And if the story needs a moral; it’s never good to take life (or your blog) too seriously. Lighten up and take time to sniff the flowers.

PS. if you are really into yarny things, you'll find me also on Ravelry , user name kaslkaos, of course.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

oooh!!! look at all the colour :D and the wedding photo :D

i crochet because then its mine, no one else made it, makes it feel more me I guess :D

i like passign the fit bikers in their tight shorts :p

kaslkaos said...

Reminds me of the time we had a triathlon in the area, and the lake was part of the swim portion, but we didn't know it. We just wondered why there were so many people riding by in their speedo's? Fit young guys in speedo's are NOT bad to look at.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

lol no its not a sight to turn away from :D hey if guys can look, women can too dammit :p


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