Friday, August 10, 2012

Rivers of Clover

Mixed media on A4 Cardstock, gelatin monoprint using found objects overlaid with hand-drawn work in ink.  This is another gelatin monoprint I’ve had for a long time. I used clover, dandelion, and other so-called weeds from my lawn to produce a relief monoprint in blue and yellow.  I loved the transfer of the shapes and textures of the leaves onto the paper, but it lacked definition as a work of art.  So I finally got brave and took a brush pen to it. I began tentatively outlining the shapes of the clover leaves first, trying to find the composition within, then added a few lines of my own, and then settled in and kept adding, with bold and delicate lines, one stroke at a time, then looking at it, and going in again and again, all of one day, and part of another.  At every point, I allowed the natural forms already there to take control, and worked around them and through them, rather than over them. I ‘found’ the compositional elements, rather than ‘made’ them.  And so, while I was doing this rather meticulous work, it had an element of ritual to it all. I questioned ‘why am I doing this?’ and felt a sense of discovery with each new line. The execution itself had importance. It is one thing to observe a thing, and quite another to absorb the information and let it flow through you and back out into the world. And when that happens, art becomes a verb, not a noun.


Michelle Basic Hendry said...

The piece is simply stunning and so is your description! Wow! You've been on a roll this year...

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

this is gorgeous! :D

i see lots of trilliums when i look at it :)

kaslkaos said...

Apologies for a VERY late reply. Had a flu for a few days last week, got better, then developed a huge case of the sleepies (+ stuffy nose/barking cough),better now.
Michelle, THANKS! Always thinking of parallel journeys.
Jennifer, THANKS! And also, now I'll go looking for trilliums too.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

glad you are better now!

kaslkaos said...

Thanks, yep. Which is why I actually feel like responding. Just some sniffles now.


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