Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bay of Fundy, Alma Beach Part Two

Alma Beach, Bay of Fundy, beach structure at low tide
neptune72Shhh…don’t tell him I posted this. I call it Neptune.
This is the second part of my Sunday, Sept 9th diary entry. I SO much wish I’d written up the whole holiday on site. Further tales must all be scraped from my memory banks.

Sunday, September 9th, 2012:  That was yesterday.  This morning we went to the beach at low tide, and then, as we stepped through the wrack I could smell it tangy and sharp. We were both fascinated by the shapes and textures of the sea weed and the barnacles, and wandered all the way out to the edge, and then towards Alma and the banked boats, and we had some fresh breezes and sunshine then, very nice, and decided to do the coastal trail east, because we both needed some leg stretching exercise after a day and a half of bum time in the car.
alma-me-sea-wrack72And one of me, playing with seaweed.
And what a drive that was.  We started at 1pm from home, arrived in Cornwall at six and stopped a Tim Hortons that looked like the inside of a prison. It had no windows.  So we ate a sandwich outside instead and looked at maps.  And then onward to Montreal in the last of the daylight and the Saint Lawrence River was a sight to see, but then much map reading ensued.  Our plans were to stay in Mount Saint Bruno for the night, but we never found it, and I suspect there was no staying there anyway.  So onwards we drove to Quebec City and by then it was well past bedtime, and getting a hotel room seemed like such a waste of money, so that Randy just kept driving, but couldn't forever, so past Quebec we found a truckers rest stop, where we pulled over and at 1am finally crawled into our bags in the back of the van for a bit of sleep. Actually, Randy got no sleep, but I managed a little bit. I dreamed that I had stopped at truck stop and in the morning there we lots of people, families with children, and there were line-ups for the bathroom, but also free sandwiches.  But in reality, it was dark and 3am at a truck stop, with an empty but well-maintained bathroom and lots of dark trucks pulled over, a few campers, and us.  There had been a car but that had moved on.  By five am we gave up on sleeping, loaded out packs from the front the front to back and headed on eastward.  We had daylight, and by then the trees had a northerly look, and by the time we were in New Brunswick, the country was gorgeous.  The drive was wonderful, and in all that time I think I managed to use up almost all of one skein of Red Heart super saver, crocheting my Autumn Holiday capellete. It's almost done.  If it keeps on raining, I may just sit and finish it here.
autumn-holiday-capelet72Spoiler Alert: I did finish this, began somewhere en-route to Fundy, finished en-route to Fredericton.

After a lovely supper, I'm finally warming up. Socks and shoes help, but I also added my newly crochet hand-warmers, cowl and hat.   The handwarmers are too bulky for typing, so I had to push them back but they are still doing their job.
winter-crochet-set72Hat, gloves & collar where crocheted with this camping trip and such a night in mind. Success!
And some travel notes, for those to wish to try the same path.
From Stouffville Ontario:  1:30pm to 1:am to truck rest stop close to Riviere de Loop. Includes about 1 hr wasted time looking for things and getting lost. Traffic in Montreal was heavy but flowing at 7pm.
5:30am to Fundy 4pm.  This includes long breakfast, 20 min. at Grand Falls (not worth it), 1hr walk in Fredericton, some in car sight seeing, and travel info stop.
PS. 17 hours from Fredericton New Brunswick to Stouffville Ontario on the way back, no side-trips, no sight-seeing, no getting lost, and unnecessary stops.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

mr.kaslkaos! great pics of you both :)

you look very warm in your home made things :)

Michelle Basic Hendry said...

We took the long way with stops in Quebec City and Fredericton (we have friends there), but our rig would never make it in that time anyway! We made the mistake of carrying too much water through New Brunswick! We continued to PEI. One of my favourite places in the world.

kaslkaos said...

I'll tell him that! He'll love the new title (I hope), well, at a Letterboxing Meetup, I go by the name of Ondine, and his name tag was, "Ondine's Number One". Mr. Kaslkaos is cool.
Warm? Well, yes, marginally. Just putting all that hooking to work.
Michelle, there is so much we didn't see, and PEI definitely one of them. Some day. We don't have a 'rig', just a van with the back seats removed. It would be nice to have a real trailer someday. I would laugh at rain.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

haven't been to PEI either, always wanted to go tho

just toss a mattress in the back of the van?


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