Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bay of Fundy, Alma Beach

Bay of Fundy, Alma Beach at low tide
This is my only diary entry from my holidays. We kept pretty busy, hiking our socks off, or driving our bums off, alternating busy days on the trails with busy days on the highway.  Not the most restful, but so much to see.  I wish I had at least jotted notes, as I’m having trouble, after the fact, writing anything at all. So without further preamble, the diary.
September 9th 2012 Sunday
I hope it doesn't start bucketing down. Electronics are not very happy with the damp <I write on an android tablet with external keyboard>, and it has been so all day long, but here we are at the Bay of Fundy, camped with a fine view of Alma, which is very pretty with lights at night.
The tide is coming in right now, and that is such a new thing for me.  I can hear it moving in, although, in truth, it sounds quite similar to Lake Superior storm surf.  It is not stormy, but calm and lightly raining.  We walked down to Alma Beach this morning at low tide, but yesterday is when we arrived in the late afternoon, and worried about finding a campsite, and did that wrong, as we picked a lovely one in the closed zone, whoops, but we set up anyway.  It was such a long drive, and we tired and cranky, and so much wanted to get our bed set up as soon as possible, and I was itching to put my toe in the ocean for the first time ever, and so we choose, and pitched and set and then we went to the self-serve kiosk only to read that we had camped in a closed section.  So after grumping for a few minutes, we decided to not worry about it till morning, which is a fine example of advantageous procrastination, and then we finally got down to the beach after six.  We didn't know it, but it was high tide. Of course, that was obvious in hindsight.  So, I sniffed a bit to see if I could smell the sea, but it only smelled of damp coastline, and nothing new, and the ocean was as calm as a lake, and down by the beach was gravel and weed, and I thought as I walked to it, this is just like Lake Ontario,and then I saw the seashells, scattered at my feet. Wow, seashells, so picked and inspected and dropped them, and then I saw the seaweeds, different kinds and they were so unlike anything I've seen before, thick and rubbery and interesting shapes and textures. And then I put my toe in and it was warm, so the other toe went in and then I was up to my knees, in an ocean! Wow!  And as I waded in, I remembered my swim suit was in the car, and the water was so much warmer than I expected, so I ran back and forth to enter the ocean in more appropriate attire.  Toes, knees, waist, see, I'm in the ocean! No, you aren't said Randy, so I jumped all the way, in yes I am!  And I cupped the water in my hand and still could not smell Ocean, so I dunked underwater, and came up sputtering. Yuck, Ocean!  Like the saltiest fries ever tasted with out the crunch.
To be continued….
PS.  Don’t let anyone tell you Bay of Fundy is too cold for swimming. Alma Beach was warm and toasty that first evening, sun-warmed from the tide rising over the sandy flats.
PPS.  Realize that this advice comes from someone accustomed to swimming Lake Superior in September (at least once while snow was falling from the sky).


Chrissy said...

LOL, it doesn't look at all warm to me...was it really your first visit to the sea? I love shells, spend hours finding them, examining them and have a jar with the special ones that are like my little hoard of treasure

kaslkaos said...

Yes, really, really, really. Tastes terrible, and everyone says its cold. But they DON'T KNOW COLD. Ha! Except for one beach, shell picking was discouraged, by then I was cool about looking and dropping them, but then my husband started collecting them in his swim shorts until they got really weighed down. So I have a few.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

hopefully his shorts didnt fall down o.0

i've been to see both oceans, but never went swimming. putting my feet in the water was enough for me in new zealand :p lake erie can get pretty cold sometimes, but tend not swim in it :p

kaslkaos said...

Fear of having his shorts come down is the only thing that kept us from bring home a bucketful of mussel shells.
...and I'm thinking Wow! You've been to New Zealand???

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

yeah almost 8 years ago now, really want to go back its a gorgeous place

Michelle Basic Hendry said...

I stuck my feet in late May once and I think they were blue when I was done! The last time I was to the Bay of Fundy it was January. I assure you - No swimming!

There were shells and crabs but what I remember most was something we couldn't quite identify and called 'sea monster skin'! Off the see part II.... :-)

kaslkaos said...

Michelle, I'm not a polar bear. I would not even think of swimming in January. May is really pushing it. Maybe the secret really is waiting till September, everyone else has give up and never finds out how much the waters warmed through the summer months. I only got to see one crab, and it was poor shape. I was hoping to see more live stuff. As for the seaweeds, I couldn't identify a thing, but possibly have some pics of what you call sea monster skin.


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