Wednesday, September 12, 2012

By the Sea

Here’s another little book and an explanation of what I’ve been up to.  The entire book is one printed page (just click on the image below). Cut the waste edges 1st, then, fold it’s length twice, (into quarter sections) and it’s width once, your almost there. Slice or tear the middle lengthwise line from the centre out to the start of the edge pages (ie, lengthwise middle for the two middle sections, then squish it all together).
Or if that doesn’t work, I guess you look at it on line while turning sidewise and hanging upside down.  Or wait for me to get you one. Free if you see me in person, or with SASE.
12090701by-the-sea-poi-bookHere’s the printable image.

IMG_4511Should look like this when you are done.
IMG_4509Here you can see the folds and the cut (I actually tear it)
IMG_4510getting there
IMG_4512Ha, ha, if that doesn’t tell a story. I’m out of time.
I will be back in the saddle again at the end of September.

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