Wednesday, September 5, 2012

That Special Sauce

Another jelly+ mixed-media monoprint. Starting with an extreme close-up because today I’m going to share my secret special sauce recipe. Are you ready for it?
It’s in the antlers, do you see that sparkly silver?  And in the previous post, notice the gold? I’ve tried lots of metallic inks and pens and found them all to be somewhat disappointing in shine and precision.  When block-printing, I avoid the issue by printing in plain ink and quickly brushing in pearlex powders. These powders have the high gleam of gold and silver leaf, but what they are actually made of is a state secret. The only description on the package is ‘non-toxic’. My guess is that it is finely crushed and dyed mica mineral, but the bottom line is that it is brilliant and beautiful. Remember, mica is also known as fools gold, as its sparkle tricked many a prospector into false joy.
And sooooo…I finally decided to try my own ink.  Here’s the recipe. Equal amounts gum--arabic for watercolours (liquid) and water, and then add the pearlex powder until you get the desired consistency.  I would also advice you to start with an eyedropper and a few drops as a little goes a long way. Dry, it is very permanent and smear proof, but remains water-soluble. I mixed mine into a used air-freshener bottle (tiny one) which was possibly not such a good idea, as right now, that’s all I can smell. And nope, the ink doesn’t smell like air-freshener.
Well, that’s the secret, here’s the whole art, tentatively titled Canadiana Celtic.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

hmmm neat, going to have to try to make ink now :)

Laurel said...

OOOO I really love this!!! The longer you look at it the more you see. I also love getting your secret recipe!

kaslkaos said...

Jennifer, lately it seems like I just keep giving you homework to do! ;-)
Thanks Laurel. I've been trying to find good metallic ink for a long time, so what the heck. The pearlex seems expensive but it goes a long way.


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