Thursday, October 18, 2012

Anima Animus--Mixed Media Gelatin Print

12101601anima-animus72bMore than one way to hang art.
This one’s done on 9x12 mulberry paper with hand-torn edges. The paper is very thin and flexible, almost like fabric and somewhat translucent. Once again, it begins with a gelatin monotype, and I worked it up with brush and black ink, hand-coloured with pencils, and highlighted with silver ink.  Texture, in this case seemed important to me, so I brushed in acrylic gel medium (after experimenting on another piece) which gave the whole work shine and substance. (also makes it tricky to photograph), and now it’s done.
12101601anima-animus72d up close and personal 12101601anima-animus72e
As these pieces seem to go, it was once again a work of discovery. I call it Anima Animus as it seems that aspects of self pushed forward, male, female and animistic elements, a subconscious portrait of self in the end, and with that gel coating, the physical work itself is tough and resilient, which is something I hope to be (don’t we all).
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Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

another great print :D another one to get lost in looking at all of the shapes and following the lines

kaslkaos said...

Thanks. I think that's how these images come about too. I look at the gelatin print, I see things in them, and then draw those shapes out with a pen. I'm holding off until I reduce the pile, but I can't wait to do some new gelatin prints in the future.

Michelle Basic Hendry said...

I think I understand your comment on my blog better. This is a stunning effort, so packed with personal symbols.I really love what you've been doing!

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Michelle, and good. When I read your blog, there are many things you say that resonate with my own artistic journey. Art is personal.


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