Friday, October 5, 2012

Decluttering my Universe

music-roomEdwin (left) and Edward (right) come out to play.
I’ve been desperately de-cluttering my home, in bits and pieces over the last year. Many corners, cupboards and closets to go, but there is breathing space in the master bedroom now, in fact, although it is of a modest size, it now doubles as my ‘music’ room, with the guitars propped up in the corner, a cat scratching post doubling  as a stool, a crocheted blanket becomes a cushion, and a night table serves as music stand. It feels SO GOOD to have carved more useable space into my cottage sized home.
IMG_4964Edward and Edwin, now out of the closet, cuddle up together in their new digs.
And sooner or later, as I toss sweaters, books, knapsacks, flashlights, birdfeeders, tool kits, journals, and pads of paper, and,…. yeah, just about everything in abundance I start to look at my piles of art. They are always there, in the corner of my minds eyes, and gathering in heaps and drifts in physical reality. I still haven’t figured out how to organize them, rarely, too rarely, I sift through and recycle the things I’ve moved beyond, but too much remains. It weighs me down, it sits like a heap of rubble in the road, barring my way forward creatively.  Before I begin anything, I think, do I really want to add to the pile? And, it’s not just psychological, but a physical barrier, where every morning I push papers off my desk into yet another pile to make way for a blank sheet.
I think I’ve told you this before, and it has produced a new style, wherein I sift through the heaps of gelatin prints and draw on top of them.
Some of the new creations are very very small.
I know that on many levels our mantra of bigger is better is driving the planet to destruction, so why do I still feel the need to apologize for my small art? Well, less and less, to be honest, I love the way these two turned out. They came from larger gelatin prints, and I just let my hand go, without any agenda at all, a process of discovery, and an on-going process as you’ve seen. Now, at least a few piles of prints have been rescued from clutter and transformed into potential, and I can’t wait to see what images form upon their flat planes.
12092502flower-fairy72Flower Fairy, 2.5”x3.5”, gelatin monotype and brush ink (on etsy)
  12092503jungle-cat72Jungle Cat, 2.5”x3.5”, gelatin monotype and brush ink (on etsy)


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

i love that eye in the bottom print :)

they are always telling me at college to draw bigger, my first thought is where am i going to put all of this big art in the small house? :/

kaslkaos said...

Ugh, they are getting you with that too. I never, until recently, had the *** to fight back on that. But, I guess for school, it's good to stretch your wings, and try out things out of your comfort. It's good to find out if you are drawing small to be timid, or drawing small because it's your 'thing', and even if it's the latter, it's still good to give things a push just to see what happens. As for my 'big' work from collage, it's long gone to trash. No room.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

the life drawing teacher doesn't seem too concerned about the size of the drawing, just how accurate it is, which is good. but big seems to be the order of the day for the rest of the classes. i have 2 huge portfolios full of big work, i really should get rid of the junk before it starts a fire :p


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