Sunday, October 14, 2012

Domestic Archaeology

Okay, I should have titled this ‘clean up your studio’, but Domestic Archaeology is much more fun as far as titles go. Sometimes when we dig through mounds of clutter, buried treasure is found beneath. I find that digging through art piles is one of the most difficult tasks, but also the most necessary for forward movement. In my case, I literally could not get any work done, as my desk was piled high with a motley assortment of works in progress (some that should have been abandoned), to do lists that were either done or never would be, print-outs of ‘calls to artists’ and ‘submissions forms’ (mostly long out of date or not appropriate for my art), etc. 
And look at it now; you can actually see the faux wood finish of my drafting table, yippy yay. The white pages underneath are actually ‘calls to artists’ that I thought about, and then am using as padding, along with the grey cardboard that I us as a cutting surface and more padding (in other words, that’s not clutter).  So here I finally have some work and breathing space.
12101201vernal-pool72And this is what I found in one of my piles. I had started it before I went on holidays, and it is one of my first forays into combining coloured pencil drawing with a gelatin monoprint. It still lacked definition, until I accented all with a well-sharpened violet-blue coloured pencil, and now is finally ready to post for sale on Etsy.
12101201vernal-pool72bup close12101201vernal-pool72c
I’m really happy the way this turned out, especially the grey trey frog as he just emerges from the page. The scientific name is hyla versicolor as they have the chameleon's ability to change colours to match their surroundings. I recall having one that was resident on our verandah, and he had perfectly matched himself to the bright white of posts, and then later, as he moved across to another section, he form dark grey blotches to perfectly match the peeling paint.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

i love looking at your prints, so many things to find in them :)

i have given up on keeping my desk clear, its a lost cause, and its not a small desk, just covered in too much :p

kaslkaos said...

As long as you can get your work done, it's clear enough. I was spending half an hour just looking for a pencil, or a paper, or an eraser...

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

i do have to search for pencils, but its within a pile of pencils :p


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