Thursday, October 4, 2012

Lazy Afternoon—Kirigami Minibook

The latest issue of P.I.O. Books, (Perfection is Overrated) is ready and available. Free, if you find in Stouffville. Free, if you run into me. And free if you want to download, print, slice and dice and fold it yourself.
For the cost of mailing, by request (that way you don’t have to do all that complicated stuff).
12100401lazy-afternoon-minibookYep, here it is, 300dpi.
Cut and fold instructions on this page. It's not meant to be peered at online, although I'd love to watch the contortions as you try.
Ps. I have no way of testing whether this prints out properly (it’s fine for me) so let me know if it’s not working out.

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