Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Life Drawing Tuesday

Life Drawing Tuesdays is BACK!!! Once again, weekly, I sit and draw, and along with my fellow artists engage in a time-honoured artistic tradition. The location is lovingly referred to as The Bunker, alternately, on occasion, The Dungeon, as it is a small room below ground level. If you arrive late, you’ll get the chair in front of a central support pillar, and with ten attendees, it gets pretty crowded in there, but it smells like art, which means it smells wonderful.
So I recently got a compliment on my life drawing, but the delivery included some self-deprecation on the part of the artist. Sooooo, I thought it is high time I came clean.  When I post my life drawing, I post the best of the night, and some nights, I post nothing at all. I never ever post my worst—until now. Are you ready, really ready, for some really bad life drawing?
Especially, look to the right. Now realize that I had twenty full minutes to mutilate that pristine page of bright white A4 paper with my pencil. Rambo knows exactly what this was good for, and is pleased to demonstrate for you.
So there’s a peak at my recycling pile, and now you know how really really bad things can get. However, the pose on the upper left is one of the keepers, a one minute pose that I may use for reference. The joy of the one minute drawings is you just don’t get enough time to totally destroy them, not to mention that the models have the opportunity to present more dynamic poses as they don’t have to worry about their ability to hold the pose.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

looks like an alien ;)

kaslkaos said...

I didn't need to spell that one out, yah. Twenty minutes of pencil torture, that one.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

no, its a good drawing, just more alien like then human ;)

Jenny B. said...

It's dangerous to trust the critical judgment of cats. My cat, Lucy Meowington, will curl up comfortably on a page of bad writing just as often as on a page of good writing.


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