Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Life Drawing Tuesday

11”x14” coloured pencil, figure drawing from life drawing session,
figure-drawing-one-minute72a figure-drawing-one-minute72b
Graphite drawings on A4 paper (my favourite for quickies). These are all one and two minute poses
Last nights model was heavy, possibly in the obese category, which was interesting, because lately obesity has been raised to the level of vice, and the latest target is ‘junk food’.  On the news, there was serious discussion of putting warning labels on ring-o-lo’s or whatever, to combat the growing girth of children. Most of the brands and items shown as examples of this rising evil where recognizable from my own childhood, a time when fat children were a rare thing (I was so skinny my little tummy stuck out from my ribs). Obviously there is something more going on than junk food for sale (I LOVED (and LOVE) Fudgee-o cookies). Or maybe not so obvious, as while sugar is villainized these days, nothing is said about the tethering of children (literal and figuratively) to a hovering parent. I spent my childhood playing OUTDOORS and OUT OF SIGHT of my parents, in the woods, up cliffs, by the water, on the water, in the water, down the street, up the creek, through a hole in the fence, behind the factories, down the road, on the road, at the park, on the swings, through the woods, on the ice, etc… Exercise was not a concept, or thought, and I was not involved in anything I called sports, but there I was, running, walking, swimming, biking and no one around to stop me.  In this century, it would be considered criminal neglect, and yet, without trying, I was healthy and fit.  Many others from my generation can say the same thing.  Risk was involved (did I mention cliffs? ice?) but not much is ever accomplished without risk.
And then there is obsession with weight that we have, whether too much or too little, it gets measured in increments, graphed and documented. We have fashion models built like sticks, an impossible ideal and folk so fat they can only waddle splay footed down the street as they guzzle the big gulp. But somewhere in the middle (and it’s a very large middle from fairly skinny to pretty darn fat) is the truth, where one is fit and healthy, something that no scale or measurement will tell. Which brings me around our model, who walked, talked, and carried herself as someone who is supremely fit, and by her dynamic poses, I’m pretty sure she is, and if she is comfortable in her own skin (I should hope so) she has every right be as she is so obviously strong and muscular and healthy. She was a great model, and her weight, and the way she carried it (looked wonderful) made me think that the media have it all wrong, forget the junk food, the calorie counts, the weigh scales and callipers and fitness clubs and just get people out and about moving and playing and exploring and having fun.
Maybe the primary menace in our lives is the chair, whether it be at our desk, in our living room, or the comfy upholstery in our gasoline powered cars. So if you can, get out and walk (or run, or bike, or ski, or swim, or dance).


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

i have met some pretty healthy people that would be considered obese and some skinny people that can barely climb stairs. i wish i could be more active, really enjoy walking around seeing things but my legs get tired quickly :/ i could stand to lose some weight but i am not that concerned about it

i think one of the problems with obeses kids is that they don't excersise or play like even i did as a kid because their parents are so afraid of them going out. dont want them kidnapped etc, even tho its usually a person that the kid or parent knows. too many hours spent on a computer or in front of a games consule, and not being told no when they ask for something full of sugar.

kaslkaos said...

I was thinking of you, that not everyone can go rocketing around the block, and I always think that people who don't use their healthy bodies are squandering something so precious.
And, yes, the 'stranger-danger' fear is causing more health problems than anything else. And what you said, is exactly what I was trying to say, and I almost didn't send this post because it's a sensitive issue, and I'm not in the habit of using substitute words.
Gosh, I could stand to lose quite a bit of weight myself, I have trouble saying 'no' to ME (my Mom used to ration those fudgee-o's)
Its just me thinking the focus is wrong. Enjoy life, and that includes the sensual. Eating is fun, but a lot people never discover how much fun just getting out can be (and many kids are not allowed (I know some))


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