Friday, October 12, 2012

Salmon Run

Title: Salmon Run, gelatin monotype mixed-media ink (available at Etsy)
Size: 5.5" x 8.5" paper
Materials: speedball watersoluble printers ink, gelatin plate, natural found objects, permanent ink pen, coloured pencil

Salmon Run has me thinking of 'input/output' as an artist. It was not so long ago that I travelled to the east coast, Bay of Fundy National Park and while chatting about the rainy weather with a park ranger, he stated how welcome the rain was (which was bucketing down at the time) as they'd had the salmon trapped in a down stream pool for some weeks, and recent deluge had raised the river and the salmon had all made their way up stream. I nodded politely that this was a wonderful thing, but I only really understood when I read that in the Atlantic, the Atlantic Salmon had almost gone extinct, and only 250 remained in their natural Atlantic streams. I happen to live in the current Atlantic Salmon hotspot, being Southern Ontario where Atlantic Salmon have been successfully introduced to a number of local streams. Here, they are thriving; the Bay of Fundy is not so lucky, where they still struggle.
So salmon runs must of been on my mind when I worked up this image. I was not expecting fish when I looked at this particular gelatin print, as it was all leaves in forest brown and shadow blue, but in the autumn, the salmon travel up shallow forest streams that are full of fallen leaves and other detritus, and it seems to me a place where the aquatic piscine world merges with the woodlands and there is no boundary between the two.

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Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

i love this :D the contrast between the light and dark is great :)

we have been to this fish ladder, wasn't breeding season but still neat to see the set up :)


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