Thursday, November 8, 2012

Imagination—Claybord trial and review

Another ‘tools of the trade shot. I like these, as it shows both scale and process.  No need to describe what I used excepting that search engines can’t read pictures.
I’m using Claybord, which was a gift from a friend (yah, THAT friend, from the USA who sends me surprise care packages of art supplies and books).  I’ve heard of clayboard before, but never tried it.
I will admit that I found it somewhat frustrating, and in order to combat that, I ended up laying in far more nit-picking details than I usually do, but in the end, I like the result, so I need to learn patience.  I still have another piece left. For those of you wondering what it’s like, it’s smooth and has the consistency of an old-fashioned top quality chalk board (not the kind you can buy in the school section of the dollar store). I’ve heard that it was easy to alter a water colour image but I found that it stained instantly and could not be lifted out with water, so I needed to sand out some highlights at the end stage and poke back into it for detailing with a very fine brush.  I also left some fingerprints behind, which I think is a not a bad thing for this piece and I truly believe that finished art should reveal process, but I’m not foud of materials that get accidentally marked so easilly. I used Inktense water soluble pencils for this one, and again, I really had to fight to get the depths in, as the pigment just sat on the surface. On the other hand, the wax-based Prisma colours went in like cream. So I may try a dry piece next time.
The nice thing about claybord is that, unlike works on paper, this one is ‘ready hang’ as is without a frame, just like an oil on canvas.
I drew the initial image/lines very quickly, off the cuff, without a plan, but as soon as the image was down, I thought it much looked and felt like an illustration of ‘chasing the muse’ which is ‘slippery as a fish’. Funny how the subconscious speaks in cliches, or should I call them Archetypes (sounds much more impressive that way).
12110601imagination72 5”x7”
I’m posting this one to FineArtAmerica.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

love the colours!!

i really want to try clayboard, and scratch board but you can't get it here :/ will have to order some next student loan payement lol

kaslkaos said...

That sounds like a royal pain. I wonder if there are substitutes you could try?

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

i know i can get a substitute for scratchboard, but not sure about clayboard :/


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