Saturday, November 10, 2012

Mapping the Moon—Mixed Media Gelatin Print

Detail of Mapping the Moon, gelatin print with coloured pencil and permanent ink on 5”x7” paper.
Another one of my favourite abstracts that I was sitting on like a hen on eggs for many moons (pun intended).  I let the piece ‘speak to me’ and it turned itself into the moon, as I worked over it in violet and red and ochre pencils I remembered a night last summer when the news reported a pending ‘super moon’, and I actually bothered to set my alarm, crawl out of bed, grab my binoculars and stand out on my front porch at midnight getting a good look at it. I’ll never be sure how much of an event the super moon was, as perhaps its giant looming presence in the night was due to my own attention, but it did leave a permanent impression on my mind as I could see the details of its alien landscape in my lens and clearly see that there was and is another world out there and pretty close by.
I grew up in the era when putting a man on the moon was an exciting event, and I miss those days, when problems closer to home on this planet did not loom so dangerously close.  I still believe that scientific curiosity and exploration is healthy for the human race and surely beats dropping bombs on people when it comes to promoting ones culture.
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Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

i see the man in the moon :) very nice print :)

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Jennifer!


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