Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Midnight Forest—adventures in clayboard

12112701midnight-forest725”x7” scratchboard, coloured pencil, watersoluble pencil, watercolour,  india and sepia ink
Midnight Forest looms large within the space of five by seven inches. It began as an abstract coloured pencil on scratchboard, but the Greenman/ Cernunnos pushed himself to the fore on this one, and I always pay close attention to messages from the deeps.  I'm not pagan (or any other religion), but I do believe that we humans need to remember the natural world that we emerged from and indeed are still an integral part of whether we wish it or not.
As for the art notes. This is another clayboard. The first layer was a red prisma-color stick  (think artist quality wax crayon), followed by many scratches in an abstract composition, after which I applied peacock blue coloured pencil, and more scratching in preparation for a layer of Gamboges Yellow watercolour. I was fully expecting that scratched areas would go in bright yellow and the coloured pencil to stay put. It didn’t! The coloured pencil lifted and mixed as pigment, and I ended up with a lot of greens, not my intention or expectation.  I layered over with brown ink and a lot of wiping to warm things up again, and then worked with that and followed up with more scraping back including using sandpaper.
And that is when the face emerged, which I brought forward with my black ink brush.  More scraping in the highlights, adding in red, and last but not least, very lightly sanded back the portions of the india ink to reveal the coloured pencil layers beneath.  I thought I would share the technical journey, as it is one that can be applied to any style of art, and, FRANKLY, Google will not find you without LOTS OF WORDS. Now there’s a bluntly honest statement.  Otherwise, I would love to just post the image and let it speak (or not) for itself.
Midnight Forest at FineArtAmerica


Michelle Basic Hendry said...

Love it... Such a dream like quality to it too.

Laurel said...

Beautiful! I'm amazed at what you can do with scratch board. I love reading the technical journey, I'm a bit of a technique geek and I admire your patience for typing it out. I tend to condense to a fault. I had no idea Google was looking for lots of words!

Laurel said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

wonderful! :D
has a very native look to it :)

kaslkaos said...

Laurel, somehow google duplicated your lovely comment. That's what is deleted.
And Thanks! I wouldn't have tried the board if it hadn't been a gift. As for the words, yes, people find blogs with search terms, not always relevant, one has to remember search engines completely lack imagination and insight, don't understand irony, and can't see. Words, words, words are the only things that count.
Jennifer, thanks. I think the 'native' look comes from letting things appear. I do sometimes wonder where this stuff comes from.
Thanks Michelle, also appreciated the 'authentic' comment from before. It does come from within, sometimes its a little embarrassing to banish the editor (writers group speak but applies well to the arts in general).


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