Thursday, November 1, 2012

Very Small Art—gelatin printmaking

Sometimes I hold on to very small bits of my gelatin prints for a very long time. This one sat at the back of my printmaking studio, waiting to be finished, or declared finished. I get mesmerized by the random elements in a gelatin print, and this one was no exception as it was pulled from a very mouldy gelatin plate, one so old that it left a glazed sheen on the paper. I finally brought all that to fore with a violet pen and hand-mixed gold ink. The original is 2.5x3.5 inches and gifted to a friend and mentor in the USA.
very-small-artSee the reading glasses in the corner? They are essential to getting something like this done (I don’t need them for reading—yet)
12110101very-small-art3And a super close-up, as I scanned this in 600dpi. I love getting in close to the work, and I love looking at scanned close-up where I can see more things than with the naked eye—well maybe not when it’s the occasional cat hair.
I posted this one to Fine Art America, where you can play with magnify function (look for cat hairs!), also, I always find it somewhat absurd to be selling a ‘print’ of ‘print’, but in this case the original is already spoken for.

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Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

couldn't find a cat hair :p but was really neat seeing everything in so much detail :D


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